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I don’t care what anyone says, Final Fantasy Origin looks cool


Look, I know that Final Fantasy Origin trailer sucked. I know deep down that it falls firmly into the ‘bad E3 trailers’ category. But when I woke up last week in a post-E3 daze and saw my PC Gamer colleagues had taken the liberty of dunking on it, I was pissed. After not-so-quietly seething about it in our Slack channel for several days, I’m ready to proudly declare: I don’t care if people hated that trailer. I thought it was rad, and I’m here to kill the hell outta Chaos.

Final Fantasy Origin’s E3 trailer tapped into some weird dormant fragment of my teenagehood. It’s the kind of game that would’ve directly appealed to 15-year-old Mollie, who adorned her bedroom with posters cut out of Kerrang! (a popular rock and metal magazine in the UK) and was brimming with teenage angst. Final Fantasy Origin is cheesy, moody and painfully unaware of how cringy it is, just like my younger self.

I love the overuse of the word chaos, with a strained emphasis on it every time it’s spoken. I love that the main character looks like he’s wearing clothes that he slept in the night before. Despite Tetsuya Nomura heading up character design, it feels so distinctly unlike Nomura. Where are the belts, the leather straps, the goddamn zippers? He’s such an averagely rugged dude that I can’t help but respect it. More people need to be destroying world-threatening villains in a henley tee and jeans.

Jack does end up getting cooler clothes, but I’m still Team Henley. (Image credit: Square eNIX)

After playing the demo, has my opinion changed? Admittedly, a bit. On the one hand, I was surprised by how satisfying and often gruelling the combat could be. I’d almost forgotten this was a Team Ninja collaborative effort until I was slapped in the face with the game’s Nioh-esque fighting. I’m a bit shit at parrying in games, which means I didn’t have the best time dealing with an onslaught of bomb monsters lobbing their fire spit in my face and at the grass beneath my feet.

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