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I am deeply ashamed my Fallout 76 ally has to live in my crappy-ass camp


Ever been on a date that went unexpectedly well, and suddenly you’re on your way home with someone you want to impress, but you’re regretting that you didn’t give the bathroom a good clean, or that you didn’t change your sheets, or you didn’t pick up the laundry lying around, or you didn’t, you know… groom a few things?

I experienced a similar sudden panic in Fallout 76 shortly after I met astronaut Sofia Deguerre, one of Fallout 76’s new allies. I knew that you could recruit allies to come live at your camp, but I was surprised it happened so quickly. A couple little quests and then I was able to build her astronaut console and place it in my camp.

I assumed once the console was built I’d use it to call her when I was ready. But the second I plunked down her console she just popped out from behind a tree and ran right into my house.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Did I say house? I don’t have a house. I don’t have anything but a floor, and it’s a crappy floor at that. My camp is a pile of shit, and it’s not even a big pile of shit, which would at least be something. When Sofia abruptly arrived I felt a dreadful sense of shame and self-consciousness because my camp is utter garbage. And now she’s living in it. Sorry, living on it.

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