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How to use Google Meet to live stream


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We’re all familiar with video conferencing apps these days. Zoom calls and Google Meet sessions have become the new normal for conducting business and staying in touch with friends and family. As powerful tools for connection, apps, and services like Google Meet can bring intimate groups closer together, they can also spread a message with a broader audience. We’ll show you how to use Google Meet to live stream your next virtual event so that more can join in on the fun.

Why live stream via Google Meet?

Why might you want to live stream a Google Meet session? Perhaps you want to share orientation or training materials and information with prospective employees or students. Maybe you want to host a virtual event or conference. Whatever your reason, Google has built the functionality into Meet to allow for live streaming, so you might as well learn how to use it!

As we’ve previously covered, Google Meet has traditionally only been available to paying Google Workspace customers. As a result, most of Google Meet’s features are included with paid Google Workspace plans, though some others, such as live streaming, are generally considered more premium or advanced add-on features. So, for example, while you used to turn on live streaming directly from an existing Meet call, it now appears that you can only schedule a live streaming event in advance through Google Calendar.

How to schedule a live stream event in Google Calendar

  1. Open your Google Calendar.
  2. Click on the + Create event button.

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    Source: Android Central

  3. Add in all of the event details and invitees.
  4. Click on Add Google Meet videoconferencing.

    How To Livestream Google Meet 2

    Source: Android Central

  5. Click on the dropdown arrow.
  6. Click on Add live stream.
  7. Click on Add live stream again in the pop-up box.

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    How To Livestream Google Meet 4Source: Android Central

  8. Share the event and live stream invitation link.
  9. To make the livesteream view-only, open the event and click the Edit tool (looks like a pencil).

    How To Livestream Google Meet 5

    How To Livestream Google Meet 6Source: Android Central

  10. Click More actions.
  11. Click Create view-only event.

    How To Livestream Google Meet 7

    Source: Android Central

  12. Share this link with people who you only want to grant viewing access.

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