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How to sit at a desk with good posture


Office chairs don’t occur in nature, and so it follows that there’s no automatic, ‘natural’ way to sit in one. But there are good and bad ways to sit at a desk, and sitting better can increase your long-term comfort and decrease your risk of developing back pain or other problems related to poor ergonomics. Your sitting and standing posture can affect everything from breathing to how likely you are to injure yourself.

I’d also argue that correcting bad sitting habits can make you better at competitive games. When your setup allows for a balanced posture with no strain or pinched nerves, you’ll be less distracted. And for shooters, good ergonomics means having a great range of control over your mouse arm. 

If you don’t notice any benefits from good posture—which doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not getting any—you won’t have lost anything by correcting it except for a bit of time and concentration. And if an ergonomist happens to walk by you, you’ll get a pat on the back for sitting properly, so that’s a plus.

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How to sit at a desk

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