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How to Put on a Duvet Cover


My boyfriend and I almost break up every time we wash our duvet cover.

It’s an unavoidable chore—and one we probably complete more frequently than the average home-dweller, thanks to my habit of drinking coffee in bed.

But every time our duvet cover comes out of the dryer, it leads to the same meltdown. There’s linen fluffing, elaborate corner IDing, and the struggle to determine its short sides from its long sides. And then comes the worst part: actually wedging our droopy duvet into the seemingly unending, limp cover, which involves both of us basically climbing into it, each holding one cover of the duvet, as if about to summit a mountain to plant a flag. (Moments later, we look like a windstorm knocked us over and caused the flag to smother us.)

But then, recently, my boyfriend went out of town—I had to find another way. After all, if I got stuck in there, who would hear my cries for help?

Enter this genius technique:

In a video that appears to have made the internet rounds several years back (I suspect my head was too deep inside a duvet cover to have noticed), you can insert the comforter into the duvet cover in a method that strikingly resembles a giant burrito.

The basic method is this:

  • Turn your duvet cover inside out and lay it flat.
  • Place your duvet on top of the cover.
  • From the sealed end of the inside-out cover, roll the cover and duvet in a tight roll toward the open end.
  • Once there, flip a corner of the roll right-side out. Do this on the other corner, too.
  • Unroll.
  • Feel like a brilliant master of life and celebrate your newfound free time by getting directly into bed.

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Ditch the Duvet Cover Altogether

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What life-changing bedroom hacks do you have to share? Tell us below!

This article was updated in November 2020 to add even more why-didn’t-I-think-of-that hacks.

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