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How to prepare for Destiny 2: Beyond Light

How to prepare for Destiny 2: Beyond Light 2

We’re about a month away from the launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, and with it, a series of sweeping changes to the game’s world and sandbox. In addition to everything that’s being removed for the Destiny Content Vault, weapon sunsetting will make some of the best legendary weapons in the game right now unusable in Beyond Light’s higher-level content.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of exotics you should definitely acquire before their related activities are removed from the game, as well as a selection of legendary weapons that will remain relevant into the next year.

How to prepare for Destiny 2: Beyond Light – the gear you need to get before November

Whisper of the Worm

(Image credit: Bungie)

Once the king of the boss killers, Whisper of the Worm’s impact has been lessened through a major nerf to its main perk. Where once three critical hits would return ammo to your magazine from thin air, now it simply pulls from your existing reserves. The downside is you no longer have a theoretically infinite ammo pool to draw from. But, as long as you can land your headshots, Whisper doesn’t need to be reloaded, which can be a major help in raid DPS. It’s still very good, is what I’m saying.

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