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How to Pick the Perfect Summer Cooler

Summer is just around the corner. Often thoughts turn to beautiful weather, cottage country, and the beach. However, there is one thing many forget. Something of paramount importance, that will make or break your summer…

A cooler.

Not the kind that you overindulge in by the pool, but the trusty tool used to hold your favorite drinks. Now it’s probably been a while since you’ve bought a cooler.

Maybe you grabbed the first one you saw on the shelf, as you rushed to the beach late last August, trying to squeeze in the last bit of sunshine.

Either way, your cooler-choosing-skills could probably use a refresher.

Here are the 5 Steps to Choose the Perfect Summer Cooler:

#1 Location, Location, Location

Every (self-appointed) cooler expert knows the first step of Cooler Selection, is location. Do you consider yourself more of a mountain goat, trekking through all sorts of terrain? Or are you more of a beach bum, where the drinks need to be cold and within arms reach?

The summer destinations that you frequent are important to consider as some coolers have different uses. Some are lightweight and compact, perfect for adventures in the great outdoors. While others are bulky, to tote all the refreshments you need for hours of endless sunshine.

Some of you may be thinking, “I don’t just fall into one of those categories. I need something to take on hiking trails one day, and off to the beach the next day.”

Fear not, there are coolers for you! The versatile all-terrain cooler, by Igloo, is perfect for a variety of expeditions. The tires are designed for various types of terrain.

#2 Small or Super-size?

When starting the rigorous process of cooler selection, most are aware of the importance of size. However, for those of you that are a bit rustier than others here is some advice:

If you have a big family or lots of friends, get a big cooler. Kids of all ages are always hungry and thirsty. If you have a small family or a select group of friends get a smaller cooler.

#3 Surf or Turf?

The average cooler-user may think this is similar to location. Any expert will tell you the contrary. If you spend enough time in the water to have gills, then why would you purchase a land-dwelling cooler?

What you need is a floating cooler, such as the Byers Big Bobber Floating Cooler. This cooler is perfect for floating alongside you as you splash in the pool or lake.

#4 Seal-ability

In many cases, coolers will sacrifice seal-ability for compactness. A soft cooler uses a zipper to form a seal, but, it may not hold in the cold air as well as a plastic cooler with a tighter seal. When purchasing your cooler you must decide how important sealing of the cooler is, as this factor affects the coldness of the contents.

#5 Degree of Frostiness

For those of you who take the frostiness of your beverages seriously, the new Weekender 50 liter Fridge and Freezer is the perfect product for you. This is the Grand Duke of all coolers.

No other cooler can compare to its frostiness levels. The Weekender has a digital thermostat for temperature control, an electric engine, and is capable of both refrigerating and freezing!

Hopefully, this list has prepared you for fun in the sun this summer. Now you can choose your cooler responsibly. Your drinks depend on it. Your summer depends on it. If you’re interested in a retro-style cooler, we recently reviewed a new product from Coleman that might fit your needs.

We’ve also looked at some of the best backpack coolers on the market, which you can read about here. No matter what your needs are, we’ve got you covered. Make sure you check back often to stay ahead of the latest cooler developments.

Summer is already here. Get the right FLOATING coolerS & Enjoy Staying Cool Even in Hot Day!!!

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