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How to Order Room Service Like a Professional

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Is there any greater luxury than having breakfast in bed? Yes: that you upload directly to the room, without having to move. Ordering room service is one of the great indulgences (or advantages, depending on the reason for travel and the traveler’s need) to stay in a hotel. In fact, the mere concept of room service is pure hedonism, yes, but there are ways to elevate the experience to its maximum exponent. Discover how.

1. Make the Order by Telephone

Today, many hotels allow you to request room service digitally or telematically, through the website or your own system (such as a tablet beside the bed). But, for better results, go back to traditional methods, and pick up the phone.

Hotels prefer that you ask for room service as well because it allows them to ask you if you have any restrictions, make recommendations or tell you how much you can expect the order. To you, guest, it gives you the opportunity to make modifications if necessary and to be informed immediately when the food will arrive.

2. Ask for It in Advance

Especially if you intend to order food at peak times, do yourself a favor (and another to the staff) by calling a couple of hours before. You will help the kitchen to organize itself and you will be able to enjoy your order at the time you require, without waiting for the last minute.

The same advice is valid if you have decided to eat in your room because it is a day of dogs. Think that many people will have had the same idea.

3. Request That the Plates Are Raised One by One

If you are going to order a full menu (two courses, dessert, wine), ask if they can be raised little by little instead of all at once, so that they can be eaten hot (or cold, in case the dessert is ice cream). Although it sounds weird, many hotels can grant you the whim, especially if you ask for an outside rush hour.

4. Do You Want to Come? Ask for a Telephone Consultation With the Sumiller

If you are thinking of accompanying the meal with a glass of good wine, you do not have to play an expert on a pairing. Many hotels will put you directly with the sommelier if you request, who can advise you better than anyone.

5. If You Are on a Higher Plant, Better Choose for Something Cold

It’s pure physics: the farther your room is, the longer it takes to get there. Ergo, you’ll have more time to cool down. “Think that many hotel kitchens are on the ground floor or even the basement, ” explains Martyn Neil, chef at Claridge’s Hotel in London, in his book Claridge’s: The Cookbook. “Food can take up to ten minutes to get to the room.”

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6. Ask for the Less Less Made of What You Would Like

On the other side of the coin we have just the opposite: some prepared food will be more in the minutes it takes to travel the floors that have the kitchen to your room. Such is the case of meat, especially sirloin steaks and other good cuts. The solution? Ask her a little less done than you like, type “to the minus point” if you like to the point. The degree of cooking that is missing will be achieved by the way in the cart, inside the container that keeps it warm.

7. Do Not Ask Onions (of Veras, No …)

One word: smell. As much as you open the window, ventiles and spend cologne sprinkling it throughout the room, the room will still smell like onions until the next day they clean it. The same can be said about garlic, curry and strong Roquefort cheeses (no matter how good they are …). Do yourself a favor, and avoid them.

8. … Neither Pesto Nor Avocado

A tip from the bowels of the kitchen: if a dish has pesto or avocado, better not ask for it. “It is not known how long it will take at the counter, and although it is still edible, it will not look the best,” says a former chef at a Hyatt hotel. The same can be said about fish and seafood, in fact. The safest? “Something that is asked a lot and comes out of the kitchen constantly, like sandwiches,” he explains.

9. If You Ask for Coffee, Be Aware That You Are at Risk

The cup that will serve you probably comes from a thermos (the style of those who use it at breakfast) in which the coffee takes hours. Better pull the coffee in the room.

10. Do Not Open the Door to Middle Dress

We think it’s great that you get comfortable when you’re in the room; after all, it’s your house during these days. But a little respect for the hotel staff is also the order of the day: at least, put on the bathrobe. Because yes, there are people who do not even do that, as a waitress at a five-star hotel in New York tells us: “Bringing breakfast to people who are only half dressed, or worse, it’s not the perfect way to start the day ” As hungry as you are, time to put on some pants is always there.