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How to Make Delicious and Attractive Grilled Beef

Beef is delicious and nutritious food that many families love and should be processed into different dishes in meals and banquets. Grilled beef satay or sweet and sour sauce … all have one thing in common is the same meats. So how to make the beef not scorched, not too dry or too tough, need some great technique. Please share how to marinate the delicious roast beef that chefs most often use to save time and help you prepare the most delicious meal.


– Beef: For roast beef, you should choose the tenderloin or lean beef steak, lean shoulder or beef. Usually, few people choose tendon cows because when grilled will be tough, not long, so baking will be very difficult. Select fresh and delicious beef with inspection, avoid unsafe and long-term beef to ensure food safety and hygiene.

– Honey

– Five spice powder

– Onions, garlic, lemongrass, cashew nuts, cinnamon powder, oyster oil

– Other materials: Pepper, chili powder, sugar, fish sauce, cooking oil.


Step 1: Prepare the ingredients to marinate

When you buy beef, wash it, drain it, then freeze the fridge for about 30 minutes. Doing so will make us more relaxed. Use a sharp knife to slice meat in the grain, the thickness is about 0.3 – 0.5cm.

Onions, garlic: Peeled, washed then crushed and chopped. After hashing, put it in a bowl.

Lemongrass: Peel off the old part, cut off the root and then crush and chop. Add the lemongrass to the garlic and onion before.

Add cashew nuts once cooking oil is heated. turn off the stove after obtaining a dark brown mixture, and remove the seeds, leaving only the oil. Next, pour the oyster oil + cashew oil in common with the citronella + onion + garlic minced.

Mix well the ingredients together. Then, depending on the amount of marinated cows you put salt + pepper + sugar + fish sauce into the mixture. Stir all the ingredients to bring them together.

Step 2: Marinate beef

Put beef into a clean dish, remove the red water produced by the meat (if any). Next, use gloves to remove the marinated ingredients and squeeze evenly into the beef, until the pieces of meat are absorbed. Spice.

After that, put the marinated beef in the refrigerator compartment for the meat to rest for about 30 minutes

Step 3: Bake beef

Put a grill on a charcoal grill, or a gas grill. When the charcoal is pink, you place the marinated meat in turn and cook it. During baking, pay attention to turn the blister continuously to ensure that the meat is not burnt.

When the meat is cooked, you can add it to the meat with lemon and pepper salt or sour lemon chutneys. Combine a little cucumber, raw vegetables.

With the way of marinating delicious roast beef, prepared above, you must have had more motivation to prepare delicious, delicious and attractive grilled beef dishes to entertain the family on weekends.

Wish you success when making grilled beef. Please leave your comment to me and don’t forget to share this article.

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