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How to Get Trustpilot Reviews for Your Business

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Trustpilot is a valuable online platform that gathers reviews from customers about the businesses they have interacted with. Any customer or visitor can navigate to Trustpilot.com, look up a business, and write a review or give a star rating—all within minutes.

If you’re thinking of earning Trustpilot reviews for your business, you’re going in the right direction. Imagine seeing reviews for your organization in the top results in search engines. You can also easily place your reviews on your company website and social media pages.

Ultimately, Trustpilot is a way to find new customers. Earning positive reviews from past customers helps you find new business. And when prospects search the Web for the services you provide, you can show up in their search results, giving you a great chance to land a client.

How Does Trustpilot Work?

Customers who want to write a Trustpilot review about your business can quickly make a Trustpilot account using their email address or Facebook account. With their Trustpilot login ID, they can then write reviews about any company they’ve had experiences with.

Reviewers are bound by the Trustpilot terms of use. These standards ensure that reviews are genuine and trustworthy—from real customers about their real experiences with a business. We use a compliance team, automation, and a community to enforce these standards.

As you start to gather genuine reviews, consumers could encourage you to change certain products or services. They might warn other consumers to stay away. But they might instead write about their gratitude for what you do. You can impress them and the consumers they will influence.

How Do I Get on Trustpilot?

Consumers might already be writing Trustpilot reviews about your business. Trustpilot automatically creates a company profile page when reviews start rolling in.

Your first step, then, is to visit Trustpilot and claim your company page, if it’s already there. It’s free to sign up. This will let you:

  • Reply to any review—positive or negative—to show your appreciation or work to resolve an issue.
  • Tell customers about your review page and encourage them to leave reviews.
  • Access tools to send online invitations to leave new reviews.
  • Share your reviews on social networks and web pages

With a free account, your profile page will also start to build behavior metrics, showing how well you interact with customers. For example, it will display how often you respond to reviews. It will also enable you to see how many reviews you have solicited and how many are unsolicited.

What about premium options? In addition to the free plan, you can opt to pay a monthly fee to get additional features:

  • Tools to send a larger number of online invitations for new reviews
  • Access to our customer success team for advice, feedback, and troubleshooting
  • An improved, ad-free company profile page
  • Tested marketing materials to help drive success
  • Methods for raising your Google Seller rating (as Trustpilot is a trusted Google Seller partner)

How much does this cost? You can contact us for a personalized offer and pricing. You can tell us your unique needs, and we’ll set up an account with the features that are most relevant to you.

How to Get Trustpilot Reviews

You’re in great company if you want to get Trustpilot reviews. More and more customers today read online reviews before they buy something or hire a service provider. They want to know what a third party genuinely thinks about you.

We will help you use the tools available on our platform to gather your own reviews. Our flagship method is our Automatic Feedback Service. Through it, our system will interact with your customer automatically, helping them be more honest in giving their genuine feedback. Here’s how it works:

  1. Your customer buys a product or service from you.
  2. You get their email address to send them a receipt or other transaction-related message, such as a shipping notification, welcome email, purchase confirmation.
  3. The Trustpilot Automatic Feedback System activates.
  4. Our automated system prepares a review invitation to be sent to the customer after a certain amount of time, which you can customize (it defaults to seven days).
  5. We send the invite, which helps your customer write a genuine Trustpilot review.

Plus, if you choose Trustpilot as your preferred review portal, you’ll be able to focus more easily and direct more of your customers to a single platform. You can build up a more impressive collection of reviews on a single website than if they are scattered over many sites.

You can mention Trustpilot verbally at the POS, place it on your website and social media, put it in your email subject line, write it on printed materials, and more. Plus, your Trustpilot rating can improve your Google Seller Rating, which can make your business even more visible in search results.

How Reliable Are Trustpilot Reviews?

What are Trustpilot reviews really for? Our company founder, Peter Holten Mühlmann, started the company because he wanted to protect his own parents from negative online experiences in 2007.

Since we were formed to protect consumers online, we work hard to keep our reviews reliable and genuine. We use a multipart approach to guard against fake reviews:

  1. Dialogue With Customers: You can reply to any review and interact with real customers. After a few conversations—sometimes with customers you remember from offline interactions—you’ll prove to yourself that the reviews are genuine.
  2. Fraud Mitigation Professionals: We have a team of experts who search for fraud within our reviews. They even confront businesses who advertise fake reviews as a service.
  3. Review Flagging: If a fake review were to show up on your profile—say, from someone claiming to have visited you but who you know did not—you can flag that review. Then, the reviewer must give evidence of their visit. Otherwise, the review can be deleted.
  4. Community Watchdogs: Some dedicated members of our extended community also notice fake reviews and flag them for us to investigate.
  5. Artificial Intelligence: Our software constantly looks for patterns associated with fraud, bringing any suspicious reviews to our attention.

At the same time, we work hard to allow genuine customers to make themselves heard. We want to protect current customers, prospects, and companies themselves by creating a platform for honest dialogue.

Build Your Trustpilot Review Page

After about 15 years in this business, we have created a system to help your actual customers give you great Trustpilot reviews—while driving away fake reviews. On the Trustpilot platform, you can build your reputation, attract new customers, resolve problems, and even receive valuable market research.

Whether you have a free or paid account with Trustpilot, you’ll receive expert support. Our systems and employees can help you get Trustpilot reviews, because we want the internet to be a safer place for consumers.

Check out our Trustpilot categories to see where your business fits, and claim your business profile today to start inviting customers to review and rate your business.

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