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How to get an Android app refund from Google Play


Sometimes you may find yourself regretting an app (on in-app) purchase, or accidentally paying for something on your Android smartphone. For such cases, Google lets users request Google Play app refunds, and here we’ll guide you through the process of sending such a request.Do keep in mind that Google reviews most refund requests manually and there’s no guarantee that all requests will lead to a refund. Follow this guide only if you’re certain that you’re eligible for an app refund.

For a better chance of getting a successful refund, make sure to send your refund request within 48 of purchasing the app. If you made the purchase you’d like to be refunded for over 48 hours ago, Google advises to directly reach out to the developer of the app instead. If you reside in the European Economic Area or the UK, the period you’re eligible for a refund may be longer.

Method 1: How to easily get a Google Play app refund from your phone

1. On your phone, simply open Google Play and navigate to the app you’ve purchased

2. Click on the “Refund” button next to the “Open” button

3. Click on “Yes”

And that’s it! If this method isn’t available to you, please follow the next one.

Method 2: How to request an app refund from Google Play on PC

1. On a computer, open this webpage: play.google.com/store/account
2. Click on “Order history”

3. Next to the app you’d like to be refunded for click on “Report a problem”

4. Select your reason for requesting a refund in the popup window, then click “Submit”

5. You may be asked to describe your issue. If so, write down your reasoning for requesting the refund in the textbox, then click “Submit”

And that’s it! If your request doesn’t get automatically approved, you’ll hear from Google within 48 hours. In my experience of requesting a refund for Minecraft for the sake of this tutorial, I got an automatic, immediate refund seconds later. Unlike with Apple app refunds, you don’t get to keep the app afterwards, so Minecraft was promptly removed from my tablet.

If this is your first refund request and you’re sending it in a timely manner, you’ll likely also be swiftly refunded. In any other case, you may have to wait for a human to review your request, which as mentioned will take up to 48 hours.

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