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How much Deus Ex is in Guardians of the Galaxy?


Even with my tinfoil ‘every conspiracy theory is true’ hat on, I can’t imagine a near-future where we get another Deus Ex. The series was a victim of an almighty reshuffle among Square Enix’s Western studios, as the publisher prioritised licensed Marvel games over everything else. With Crystal Dynamics tackling Avengers, Tomb Raider was handed off to Deus Ex studio Eidos Montreal—leaving Adam Jensen kicking about his apartment in Prague, reading other peoples’ emails to pass the time.

Now that Eidos Montreal has announced Guardians of the Galaxy, a Marvel project involving key members of the Deus Ex team, an imminent sequel to Mankind Divided looks more unlikely than ever. But there’s solace to be found in Quill and Co’s comedy adventure, which appears to be run through with Deus Ex DNA.

The writers

(Image credit: Square Enix)

You might have recognised a pleasantly alliterative name tag pop up during the Square Enix E3 showcase: Mary DeMarle. The executive narrative director of Guardians of the Galaxy ran the writing teams for both Human Revolution and Mankind Divided, lending surprising nuance to boss characters with snow ploughs built into their armour. She kept morale high when the whole world was sceptical about a Deus Ex reboot—a skill that can only help in the wake of Marvel’s Avengers’ critical drubbing.

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