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How IO made the Hitman trilogy, its stealth masterpiece

How IO made the Hitman trilogy, its stealth masterpiece 2

Warning: Minor spoilers for Hitman 3’s final mission ahead.

Hitman’s World of Assasination trilogy has come to an end, and it went out in fine style. I enthusiastically slapped 90% on Hitman 3, a beautiful, brilliantly designed stealth game that features some of the best levels in the entire series.

Developer IO Interactive is still hard at work fixing bugs and server issues, but I managed to convince game director Mattias Engström, and executive producer Forest Swartout Large, to sit down for a chat about the trilogy, that incredible Berlin level, and the future of Hitman.

Hitman: Absolution. Not Agent 47’s finest moment. (Image credit: IO Interactive)

This trilogy kicked off in 2016 with a Hitman reboot, which was originally released episodically. It was a departure from the previous game, Hitman: Absolution, which had a mixed reception (including a pretty critical review from our own Tom Francis), meaning IO had to win back the old fans. 

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