How Important is Electrical Panel Upgrades for Home

Electricity plays an important role in our day to day life. Here are a few electrical panel upgrades for your home to make sure that every appliance at home runs smoothly.

Importance of Electrical Panel

There are many things that are charming about older homes, but their electrical wiring and infrastructure are rarely one of them.

If you live in a less-than-new property, you have probably already run into some strange wiring glitches, outlets that don’t work, or light switches that don’t seem to do anything. You can simply head to the Northern Beaches electrical for the same.

These idiosyncrasies may be things that you can live with, but not all electrical issues should be left alone. Find out what electricity-related problems to keep an eye out for, and how electrical services professional or the emergency electricians can help you resolve them.

Different scenarios

Have you ever had the experience of not being able to run two appliances in the same room at the same time?

Say you’re in the kitchen and you have the coffee maker going and you put something in the microwave to heat up.

After a few seconds, both machines go dead and you have to trek down to the basement to reset the breaker that tripped.

In a different scenario, let’s say you’re in the bathroom using a hairdryer. You turn it on and then the lights go dim or start to flicker as the hairdryer draws power.

Nothing stops working altogether, but it’s clear that the demand for power is exceeding the supply.

When you stop to think about it, the problem is not that there’s not enough power available from your local utility. It’s that the conduits for the power–i.e. your home’s electrical wiring and panel–aren’t in sync with the demands of the modern age.

This is not only an annoying state of affairs: It’s also a dangerous one. So, you need to call in the professionals of Northern Beaches electricians to upgrade your electrical panel.

Issues to address

If you find that there’s not enough power in your home to run the appliances or lights that you need, don’t ignore the problem.

Constantly resetting tripped breakers or dealing with flickering lights are minor issues when compared to the danger of faulty wiring.

If left untreated, old, worn out, or frayed wires could easily start fires, causing home damage, personal injury, and even death.

If you live in an older structure and you are experiencing electrical problems, call your local electrical service specialist to come to check out your electrical panel and/or wiring today.

Once on-site, the electrical contractors will be able to assess the age and health of your wiring and might either upgrade or change out your electrical panel.

Your licensed Northern Beaches electrical contractors might advise an upgrade or change out for your panel if you have:

  • Insufficient electrical power
  • A previous electrical or wiring job that was not performed properly
  • Panels contaminated by water or other foreign substances
  • Old, dangerous panels or wiring

Making the necessary upgrades or changing out your panel will not only make things run better in your home.

An up to date electrical panels are needed in the home to ensure the safety of the inhabitants. If there is an excess flow of power through the wiring, the electric wires will melt and may even cause a fire.

Fuses are designed to detect this flaw and break the circuit by blowing the fuse, as was the trend in older panels. Newer panels have circuit breakers that are designed to trip.

Upgrading a panel box or electrical wiring is not an easy job and should be handled by an experienced and level 2 electrician Northern Beaches.

But before getting on with the job of finding an expert electrician, it is important to know when you should upgrade your unsafe or outdated panel box.

Below are some situations that may call for an upgrade of your electrical wiring and electric panel box:

You need to upgrade your panel box if you:

  • Have moved into an antiquated home with inadequate or old electrical wiring
  • Are planning to add additional rooms, remodel the kitchen or add new electrical equipment
  • Are adding a hot tub, oven, or spa in your home, or are installing a new central air conditioning unit

Upgrading for safety

In years past, the average Australian home was wired for 30-60 amperes of power while homes to date are wired for a minimum 100 amperes-200 amps of power.

Therefore, if you are living in a home with electrical wiring that is more than two decades old, you should upgrade your electrical wiring to avoid any electrical shock and avoid any hazards that may lead to a fire.

Some of the older electrical panel boxes that need to be upgraded include:

  • Panel boxes that do not allow the circuit breakers to trip when an overload or short-circuit occurs.
  • Zinsco panel boxes manufactured during the 70’s allowed the current to flow even when the circuit breakers were tripped. Pushmatic breaker panel boxes don’t contain the main circuit breaker and are difficult to re-set and therefore, should be replaced by a modern breaker panel box.

We cannot downplay the importance of electricity in our lives. From cooking our breakfast in the morning to helping us get ready for office, we surely can’t imagine a life without power.

Therefore, if you suspect that the electrical panel in your home is not safe or is not providing you with sufficient power then call an electrician for a home safety inspection today.

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