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Home Decor and Interior Design Topics Bloggers Can Use to Increase Page Visits

Home Decor and Interior Design Topics Bloggers Can Use to Increase Page Visits 1

Home improvement and interior design trends are continually on the move. One trend may be popular for a few years and then be deemed as out of style. There are still some trends that are never outdated and ways to design and decorate that will remain budget-friendly. Home design bloggers must always be on the lookout for lasting trends as well as new ones that famous designers are incorporating into their plans.

Farmhouse Chic

Farmhouse design has been huge over the past decade. Farmhouse does not mean the house looks like a barn, it simply means natural elements and wood tones are brought into a light and bright space to make it feel rustic yet trendy. Exterior sliding barn doors on sliding tracks have replaced dated pocket doors. The barn doors are statement pieces that stand out with bold hardware. They are typically used for bedrooms, bathrooms, or closets. Aside from barn doors, the farmhouse chic trend has incorporated shiplap to give a textured look to basic walls and farmhouse patterns such as buffalo plaid. These trends help bring warmth to basic spaces.

Light and Bright

Interior designers and builders can agree across the board that light and bright space is inviting. When you walk into a dimly lit room or a dark space, it can instantly feel stuffy, dated, or cluttered. There are a few exceptions to this rule but not many. 

Houses that contain libraries, wine cellars, or media rooms will often utilize warmer tones and dim lights to create a cozy ambiance. Other than those rooms; typical houses will feel lighter and larger with soft colors. One way to achieve this is to install white trim, light carpet in carpeted areas, and lighter colors such as eggshell, beige, or a light gray on the walls. 

Lighter marble or granite countertops and white cabinets will also make a kitchen feel larger. One trend is multi-colored kitchen cabinets. Upper cabinets are often white and the lower are a country blue, gray, or wood tone. Backsplash tiles typically subway white and the counters are light. Light fixtures are glass and clear to illuminate a space better.

Decorative Accessories

The best thing about having a space that is neutral, light, and bright is the fact that basic updating with accessories can completely update the way the room feels. By adding colorful pillow covers to decorative throw pillows, you can change the way a sofa looks. 

Adding different decorative throws also can completely change a space. It is nice to keep seasonal items in bins and routinely switch out the textiles to refresh the space. 

A new floor rug can also make a room look different. Aside from textiles, changing artwork on the walls or curtains can also completely revamp a room. 

When you paint your space in light neutral shades, you can literally accessorize it to a different space within minutes. Neutral colors work well with cool and warm tones so you can go from barn house chic to cabin rustic to coastal-inspired with little effort. The key is to not use too many trinkets and invest in quality larger pieces of art to change the feel of the space.

Decorating for the Holidays

The holidays and seasonal décor also requires a bit of thought. When your space is neutral, the sky is the limit with the type of holiday décor you incorporate. Your autumn theme could stick to warm cranberry and pumpkin tones or you can go with the modern teal pumpkin and buffalo plaid that has become trendy. 

Christmas can be silver or gold accents with traditional reds and greens. The same is true for spring. As long as your space is neutral any pastels will work. 

Keep all holiday décor adequately stored in seasonal bins. Label each bin so you are aware of the contents. Another tip for seasonal decorating is to dust everything before you put it away. This way it will be clean when you take it out of storage for your seasonal decorating.

Regardless of if you are decorating to refresh the space or to celebrate a season or holiday, stick to a budget, incorporate soft textiles, and reduce clutter. Limit tiny decorations and stick to larger statement pieces.

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