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Historical Places of Ancient History in Asia You Must Visit

Historical Places of Ancient History

Asia is known as the home of historical places and wonders. Due to historical places and wonders, Asia attracts lots of tourists from all the parts of the world. The Asian countries are famous in the world due to their history and diversity in the cultures as well as in the traditions. The historical monuments and cultures of the Asian countries like China, India and Japan are also becoming the major cause of attraction for millions of visitors per year. The stories of different places are different and visitors visit these places to know the stories of these places. Here, we will discuss the historical history of ancient history in Asia that you must watch.


Bagan is known as the most famous and ancient city in Asia and it is situated in the centre of Myanmar. This historical place is famous among the tourists due to its spiritual and historical places. There are lots of Burmese temples at that place and these temples are also attracting lots of visitors. Bagan is also known as the best archaeological site in Asia because it is a combination of lots of temples and monuments. If you visit Bagan, you should try to spend most of your time at the archaeological site. It is also known as one of the most visited Buddhist pilgrimages in Asia.

Seam Reap:

It is situated in Cambodia (South East Asia). This famous historical place is also known as a gateway to the Angkor region. This historical place attracts millions of tourists each year. Therefore, there are lots of hotels, restaurants and resorts at that place. The economy of the Seam Reap depends upon the tourists. There is a national park near to this historical place. This park is also attracting lots of visitors because it has lots of waterfalls. There are also some authentic places for the tourists near to this city. These authentic places are in the form of three floating villages. The tourists also try to visit these floating villages.

Taj Mahal:

As we know that there are seven wonders in the world and Taj Mahal is one of them. It is situated in the Uttar Pradesh (a state of India). The history, tradition and beautiful architecture of the Taj Mahal are the main causes of attraction for the visitors. It is also known as the symbol of Indian history and it is also known as the best example of the Mughal architecture. It was designed by the world’s most famous architecture site UNESCO in 1983. In the interior of the Taj Mahal, you will see the beautiful architecture of the traditional items. The structure of this historical place consists of white marble. It is also known as the jewel of the Muslims in India. That’s why millions of tourists visit India to see this historical place. If you visit India in your life, you should not forget to visit this historical place.

Great Wall of China:

Great Wall of China is also an essential historical place in Asia because it is the world’s longest wall. The history of the Great Wall of China is almost 2300 years old. The length of this historical wall is almost 22000 Km. In 1987, UNESCO declared that the Great Wall of China is also one of the most important World’s Heritage Sites. There were different purposes for building this great wall. First, it was built to protect territorial borders in different areas. Second, it was also built to protect the silk routes.


Suggested by a dissertation help expert, Hue is also an essential historical place for the tourists and it is situated in Vietnam (in south-east Asia). CITADEL is the most famous and historical building in the Hue. This building has a historical culture because it is surrounded by a moat. Moreover, there are thick walls around this historical building. There are also some other historical monuments and monasteries in the Hue. The tourism sector of this city is supporting the socio-economic sector of the country. The government is providing all the possible facilities to the tourists. Moreover, the government is also ensuring the safety of tourists.


It is situated in Indonesia. It is the Mahayana Buddhist Temple and the most important thing about this temple is that it is decorated with the 504 statues of the Buddha. It is also known as the biggest temple of the Buddhists and it is also famous in the world due to its ancient architecture. There is also an ancient lake at that place and this lake is also very sacred for the Buddhists. The name of this temple is also written in the Guinness book of records. Its reason is that this temple is known as the world’s most famous and biggest archaeological site for the Buddhists.

Wat Phou:

It is situated in Laos and it is known as the ruined Khmer Hindu temple. This temple has a unique and historical structure. Due to its unique and historical structure, this temple is well-known all around the world. Most of the visitors around the world visit this historical place and they appreciate the architecture of this historical temple. The pillars, terrace and walls are worth-seeing for the visitors. Due to the impressive history and rich architecture of this temple, UNESCO had also declared this temple as the world’s heritage site in 2002.

Ayutthaya Kingdom:

This historical place is situated in Thailand. It was the kingdom of Siamese from 1351 to 1767. This historical place is situated on an island and there are three rivers in that place. These three rivers are connecting this historical place to the sea. The most important thing about this place is that it is also known as the world’s most peaceful place. That’s why most of the people try to visit this place to stay away from the busy life. After seeing the rich history and unique architecture of this place, UNESCO has also declared this place as world’s heritage site. By visiting these historical places, you will know the deep history and rich architecture of Asian countries.

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