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Here’s how you measure the success of a UX design project


As designers, we want the products we build to be satisfying and easy to use, but how can we know that’s the case? We start by measuring the user experience with evidence rather than opinions. But can UX really be measured? Absolutely. By evaluating products with qualitative and quantitative methods, we gain access to a host of illuminating UX metrics.

There’s nothing like completing a UX project. It takes an incredible amount of time, effort, and skill to travel from design problem to solution. Crossing the finish line is a great feeling, but seasoned UX designers know that there’s always more to be done…

A C-level executive calls with a question. “Now that the project is over, how do we track the results we’re trying to achieve?”

It’s a fair concern — one that leads to a bigger topic. How can UX designers measure success and prove that their work is worth the investment? Understanding project and business goals is a good start, but there’s more to it.

To determine the success of a UX project, we need to know how and why people use products and evaluate the outcomes with UX metrics.