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Here’s how to read Valorant’s hit effects following the latest patch


Early in August, Riot posted a long and insightful blog post about hit registration in Valorant and the ways in which our perception of what happens on the screen can differ from what happened on the server. In today’s Valorant update, the developer has introduced a few tweaks to the effects players see when they take a shot in the hope of reducing misunderstandings. 

Here are the major changes:

  • When you hit an enemy, the hit effect will now move with the location on their body that you hit rather than appearing suspended in space. That way if you hit someone in the chest while they’re in the process of crouching, the hit effect won’t end up over their head, making it look like you actually scored a headshot that didn’t register. Instead, it will move downward with their chest as they crouch.
  • A new client-side “small spark VFX” will now appear where your shots land, and will not move, so that you can adjust your aim. Note that even if this spark effect appears over an enemy, it does not necessarily indicate that you hit them because it’s client-side, and the server is the arbiter of truth. The larger hit VFX that now moves with the enemy is how you know when you’ve scored a hit.
  • The headshot VFX has been made smaller so that it’s easier to track players through it.

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