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Need to know

What is it? A paranormal investigation shooter with RPG elements.
Expect to pay $20/£15.49
Developer Ballistic Interactive
Publisher Ballistic Interactive
Reviewed on AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, Radeon 5700XT, 15GB RAM
Multiplayer? No
Link Official site

HellSign shows a lot of promise as you prepare to venture out into the grotty gods-forsaken town in backwater Australia. You pick a class from an interesting bunch like Detective, Archaeologist and Ninja, you meet the local undesirables, and you start to fantasise about the kind of ghost-hunter you want to be—a researcher who learns their enemy? A trapmaster who lures hellbeasts to their demise? A balls-to-the-wall gunslinger? 

The possibilities seem vast and that demonic encyclopedia you carry around looks awesome, ready to be filled with your deductions and doodlings as you seek to overcome the beasts of the night. I love the fact that you can use an in-game highlighter pen to mark it up too, emphasising any details that can aid you.

But after five, six missions, the allure of paranormal investigation makes way for more mundane reality—one where all those little idiosyncrasies of the character you build and myriad nice touches get consumed by a protracted grind, which only pays off many hours later.

(Image credit: Ballistic Interactive)

HellSign is an oddly paced game, but it’s also a game with vision. It pits you as a rookie ghost hunter in an Australian town decimated by demons – ranging from poltergeists to bloodied hands rising up out of the ground. Mercenaries and misogynists and the absolute worst kind of people swarm there in a kind of ghoulish Gold Rush, seeking the valuable artefacts and body bits dropped by the monsters. Even a set of digits from a human hand fetches a good price out here in the Stygian sticks.

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