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Hearthstone’s bugged Journal notification is a terrible itch that none of us can scratch


Last Thursday, Hearthstone’s Darkmoon Races first mini-set launched, dropping 35 new cards into the Darkmoon Faire pool. As you’d expect, a new patch often means new bugs, of which a few surfaced immediately. Thankfully, these hiccups were pretty minor. Most weirdly, we saw The Witchwood’s Town Crier briefly morph back into human form, and a couple of cards displayed incorrect rarity gems. This caused a few players to do double-takes as they opened Darkmoon Faire packs, thinking they’d received a pack containing only Common cards, when Rare newcomers Rally! and Hysteria had simply been mislabeled.

The team at Blizzard was quick to react though. Community manager u/cmdylux promptly posted an update on Reddit, acknowledging the issues, and most of them have since been cleared up. However, one bug that has yet to be squished is the most innocuous but also by far and away the most annoying. Currently, if you log into Hearthstone, you’ll see a notification on your Journal, which directs you to the Achievements tab.

Unfortunately, however far you scroll down the oddly clunky achievement system, you will not find the offending one to click off. At present there’s nothing you can do to clear the phantom notification, which doesn’t appear to be linked to a specific achievement at all. Despite the fact that it’s just a visual prompt, this tiny badge has, predictably, sent the community into paroxysms of despair, with more threads posted by the minute notifying Blizzard of the issue and asking—begging—for help.

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Players have also reported similar issues with the Book of Heroes chapters, which are currently displaying as incomplete, even if you’ve previously beat them all.

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