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Need to know

What is it? An RPG/visual novel mash-up set on an alien planet.
Expect to pay: $25/£19.49
Developer: The Game Bakers
Publisher: The Game Bakers
Reviewed on: Intel Core i5-4670k, GeForce GTX 970, 8GB RAM
Multiplayer? Local co-op

We’ve all fantasised about getting away from it all, haven’t we? Dropping out of the daily grind, the forced small talk and the pressures of civilised living; simply escaping with our favourite person and carving out our own space in the universe. The difference with Yu and Kay is that they’ve actually gone and done it—although the reality they’re facing is less ‘remote luxury villa in the Maldives’ and more ‘broken spaceship on a smashed-up planet’.

Haven is an RPG-slash-visual novel that charges you with exploring Source—as the couple have named their new home world—hunting for components to fix up their battered ship and uncovering its sinister mysteries. The planet is made up of separate chunks of landscape that you need to explore, interconnected by a series of portals called flow bridges. 

You tidy up behind you as you go, fighting nasties and hoovering up various plants that can be turned into a range of meals and meds back at base. Refreshingly, you leave everywhere you’ve been rather nicer than you’ve found it—and it’s pleasing to see your map change from magenta to white to reflect this.

(Image credit: The Game Bakers)

Combat and exploration

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