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GTA Online’s Cayo Perico Heist relies on its most frustrating feature


Slagging off Grand Theft Auto Online’s big December updates can feel like a bit of a liberty, because they’re essentially free, and free things in the year 2020 are few and far between. For me, the crime sim’s blockbuster updates are mostly good, sometimes great, other times frustrating, but the fact that I still get so much stuff today having paid 40 quid for a base game five years ago pleases me to no end. That’s not to say Rockstar’s end-of-year rollouts are beyond reproach, but I do feel obliged to qualify my criticism, in the same way I might critique, I dunno, the UK’s National Health Service: it’s not perfect, but it is good and I’m glad it exists.  

On paper, what the Cayo Perico Heist promises sounds fantastic: a new, explorable island off the coast of the well-trodden San Andreas sprawl, unprecedented single-player options, and a new multi-faceted stick-up job—the game’s biggest open design, mass-scale robbery to date. In practice, it’s sadly a little less endearing, the fault of some weird design decisions, a focus on tedious stealth set-pieces, and drawn out processes which fly in the face of past updates’ better, more streamlined fare. 

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Like the Diamond Casino and Doomsday before it, the end game heist is the jewel in this venture’s crown, with additional sparkly features including a treasure trove of new guns, vehicles, music, and customisation options. There’s even a neat, if brief, cameo from Dr Dre and Interscope Records head honcho Jimmy Iovine. Those are on top of celebrity credits like international techno DJs Palms Trax, Berlin trio Keinemusik, and Moodymann, who spins the wheels of steel in The Music Locker, Los Santos’ newest nightclub. The Cayo Perico job means business from the off.

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