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Google Tests a New “For Context” Feature in Top Stories


Google is testing a new “For Context” feature in its Top Stories section that provides a little more information on the news. It does so by providing a second article that gives a little more context to whatever news story you’re reading.

The feature is still being testing. Which means it may be a while before we see it spread across Google search results in a significant way. Still, it’s useful, assuming you can find a news story that takes advantage of the feature.

How to Access Google’s For Context Feature

Since Google hasn’t officially announced the feature, to see the For Context feature in action, you’ll have to find a search term that’s been given the treatment.

SERoundTable first reported the change, and we were able to get it to work with the phrase “senate second stimulus package,” which is a hot search term in the US right now.

As you can see in the screenshot above, there’s a Forbes article about the stimulus package, and a second article linked below with “For Context” written above it. Essentially, Google’s For Context feature is a way for the company to expand on an article with another that provides more information.

For the time being, it appears to keep the second article from within the same source. As, in the example above, it links to another Forbes article. However, because Google hasn’t officially announced the new feature, we don’t know if that will always be the case.

Another vital thing to note about this new feature is that it’s only being tested on mobile, at least for the time being. We tired a variety of search terms, including “senate second stimulus package” on desktop, and never managed to get the For Context link to show.

How to Avoid Fake News

Google is always testing something new. Sometimes these features become significant parts of the Google experience, and sometimes they’re forgotten just as quickly as they launch. Hopefully, this one sticks around. After all, this is another way Google can make sure accurate information rises to the top.

There was a time when For Context wouldn’t have been needed. But in these days of fake news, adding context has become important.

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