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Godfall for PS5: Release Date, trailers and news — Everything you need to know


At the Game Awards 2019, we got our first look at in-engine footage for a PlayStation 5 game, Godfall. Developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Publishing, Godfall is a new IP, set in a world of knights and realms of magical elements. Described as a “third-person Looter-Slasher,” this game is the first official PlayStation 5 that has been revealed. Here’s everything we know about Godfall.

Godfall story

Godfall is set in a world with multiple, distinct realms: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit. You play as a member of the Knight’s Order, who are attempting to keep the apocalypse at bay. Counterplay Games says the world was inspired by works such as Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive and Isaac Asimov’s Foundation.

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The official Godfall Twitter account has begun sharing some snippets of lore, detailing the creation of the world, the powerful Archons, and how they fell. All of this ties into the name of the game: Godfall

Godfall trailer

You can take a look at the reveal trailer from the Game Awards 2019 below.

Counterplay Games was originally stated it would be sharing more information about Godfall sometime in spring 2020. It seems that additional information, minus some vague lore teases, has been pushed back. Here’s what we know about gameplay in Godfall. To download any of the wallpapers above, tap or click to enlarge them first.

  • Godfall is a third-person game.
  • The Game Awards reveal trailer was in-engine footage.
  • Godfall is being developed using Unreal Engine 4.
  • Counterplay Games says it is a looter-slasher.
  • The focus is on melee combat but players will have ranged abilities with cooldowns.
  • You can play it single-player, or in two or three-player co-op.
  • You’ll unlock loot such as Valorplates, which can be outfitted with different Augments.
  • The gameplay was partially inspired by the Monster Hunter series.
  • There will be a wide range of melee weapons and you can equip two at a time.
  • Counterplay Games is using the PlayStation 5’s SSD to allow for “seamless” loading of the game world.
  • Counterplay Games is also taking advantage of the haptic feedback technology in the PlayStation 5 controller.
  • Ray-tracing is being used to some capacity.
  • A few seconds of gameplay footage have leaked.
  • A full internal trailer also leaked, which you can see below. The footage is from early 2019.

[Godfall] – Full Internal Early 2019 Teaser. Metacritic Journos Scores are a Joke, No this Teaser does not Represent the End Quality. Remember “Get woke go broke” from r/PS4

Is Godfall coming to PlayStation 4?

No, Godfall is not a cross-generation game and is console exclusive to the PlayStation 5.

Is Godfall coming to PC?

Yes, in addition to launching on PlayStation 5, Godfall will be available on PC through the Epic Games Store. It will launch alongside the PlayStation 5 version of the game.

Is Godfall coming to Xbox One?

No, Godfall is not coming to Xbox One. It is a console exclusive for PlayStation and will not be available on current-generation consoles. Right now, we’re not sure if Godfall is a timed exclusive or something more permanent. If it is a timed exclusive, it’s possible it could come to Xbox Series X at a later date.

When is the release date for Godfall?

Godfall is a launch title for the PlayStation 5. We don’t know exactly when the PlayStation 5 will release but it is currently scheduled to be sometime in Holiday 2020. No prices or preorder information have become available yet.

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