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Give Your Visitors Stock Information With Marketstack API


Every website needs to find a way to keep visitors and regular readers interested. One option is to provide live information that they can use. Not all data will be relevant, of course, but if its financial facts and the latest movements in the markets your readers need, marketstack API can help.

It’s a free and easy to use REST API interface that delivers worldwide stock market data to your site. You can place real-time market data from 72 global exchanges wherever you need on your site. There’s even the potential to check real-time market data and 30+ years of historical data.

How Does an API Make This Possible?

Signing up to marketstack provides free access to the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) API (application programming interface). This provides queries and operations which a developer can use to add useful data to a website or app.

APIs are in use constantly around the web and on phones. You’ll have used one to upload photos to Facebook or share a web link to a messaging service.

With marketstack API, a vast database of market data is ready to be presented to your readers. Top exchanges can be displayed as easily as regional exchanges, useful if your project requires something more specific.

Using this API gives you the opportunity to service your readers with high-quality market data

Marketstack API Features

Used by over 30,000 happy customers, marketstack API boasts big names including Amazon and Uber among its clients. The service boasts:

  • Real-time stock data
  • Intraday market data
  • 125,000+ stock tickers
  • 72 global exchanges from NASDAQ, NYSE, TYO, and LSE to less prominent exchanges such as XOSL, XWAR, XBAH
  • 30+ years of historical data
  • Scalable API
  • Free and premium subscription options

In short, you have everything you need with market API to create stocks and shares

Scalable API, With Free or Premium Options

You can use marketstack API free or pay for the privilege. It all depends on the depth of data you require and the number of monthly requests.

The Free package gives you 1,000 requests per month, access to 72 stock exchanges, a single year of history, and End-of-Day data. As you may have guessed, this package is really intended for development and testing.

The marketstack API Basic package is $9.99 a month, or $7.99 if billed yearly. You’ll get everything you find in the Free package plus 10,000 requests/month, 10 years of history, HTTPS encryption, tech support, license for commercial use, and Intraday Data.

With the Professional package ($49.99/month, or $39.99 with annual billing) you’ll get all the same features as the Basic marketstack API package, plus 100,000 requests/month, 30+ years history, and real-time updates.

The Business package is $149.99/month ($119.99 with annual billing) with up to 500,000 requests/month and priority tech support. Enterprise customers can contact marketstack for custom pricing.

Getting started with marketstack API is easy with thee Free package. Simply sign up for a free account to start using.

Integrate Marketstack Data into Your Website or App

A free marketstack API account requires just an email address, relevant personal details, and a password.

With the account set up, you can find your API key, start querying the endpoints, and begin adding market data to your project.

Find Your API Key

Find your API key by signing into your marketstack account to view the Dashboard screen. Your API key is displayed alongside the details of your selected package.

To make an API request you need the API access key. Note that this can be reset at any time to create a new key. This is useful if you accidentally make the key public.

A query begins with the base URL:


A request available for basic plan users is the End-of-Day (EOD) data:

End of Day market API endpoint

Running this displays pages of data for a specific company (Apple Inc). Data in this format can be styled for presentation in your website or apps.

Note the optional parameters. These can specify sort order, date range, a limit to the query results, and an offset.

Query the API Endpoints

With marketstack API you have access to various API endpoints, each capable of delivering different data. Each of these is subject to optional parameters.

  • End-of-Day Data: look up data for one or multiple stock tickers
  • Intraday Data: data intervals as short as one minute can be queried
  • Real-Time Updates: with the high request subscription of the Prodessional plan, intraday updates can provide minute-by-minute market updates in real-time
  • Historical Updates: stock prices going back a year (Free plan), 10 years (Basic) or 30 years (Professional and above) can be displayed with this API endpoint

Incorporate ticker stock data in your site with marketstack API

  • Tickers: this displays information about a specific stock ticker symbol (e.g. AAPL)
  • Exchanges: look up data from the 72-plus stock exchanges covered by marketstack
  • Currencies: check the rate of trading currencies supported by marketstack
  • Timezones: display information about supported timezone

As with the example above, these API endpoints all have specific parameters that you can use to tailor queries to the intended outcomes.

Marketstack API Supports Six Development Languages

Six programming languages are supported by marketstack API:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Nodejs
  • jQuery
  • Go
  • Ruby

While implementation is straightforward, extensive documentation is also provided [LINK]. This covers API response objects, GET parameters, and more.

You’ll find documented examples of the API used with each programming language, giving you an easy shortcut to incorporating market data on your website.

Show Your Readers Real Time Stocks and Shares Data

With the marketstack API you can easily service the needs of readers requiring up to the minute stock market data. A range of query types are available thanks to the wealth of API endpoints, with support for six key development languages.

Marketstack API can be effortlessly integrated with new or existing projects, making it the top choice for integrating market data on your website.

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