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Get a sneak peek at the new salvage class in Hardspace: Shipbreaker – revealed in our Creator Spotlight!


Blackbird Interactive follows up on their successful Steam Early Access release with a major content update and an upcoming all-new ship class.

In an out-of-this-world
Creator Spotlight, we catch up with Blackbird Interactive for the latest on Hardspace: Shipbreaker following their first major title update, The Haunted Frontier. This content update features a host of new additions, including Ghost Ships, which may be home to more than just valuable salvage materials. Having returned from a place outside the bounds of human laws, mysterious perils await any Shipbreaker that sets foot on board. 

In addition to their insightful tech talk and podcast, in this Creator Spotlight Blackbird Interactive gives us an exclusive sneak peek at their new ships – the Javelin class! Set to release in a future title update, the BBI team has this to say about what’s in store: 

LYNX Corp. has acquired the salvage rights to a new line of decommissioned ships! Say hello to the Helix Industries Javelin-Class starship. These vessels leverage a system of highly-modular radial segments in their construction, providing for a large variety of sizes and functions. Unlike other ship designs, the Javelin has many externally exposed components and subsystems, the extraction of which will require becoming familiar with the Javelin’s network of external support structures.

Interior space on Javelin-Class ships is limited, and maneuverability can be challenging. Cutters are encouraged to read up on the effects of extreme claustrophobia and the recommended breathing exercises. Always be sure to have an escape route planned while working inside these ships; you may need to get out in a hurry.

Get a sneak peek at the new salvage class in Hardspace: Shipbreaker - revealed in our Creator Spotlight! 2

Behind the Game: Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Blackbird Interactive returns to Behind the Game to give us the latest on Hardspace: Shipbreaker. Host Mike Geig is joined by BBI’s Elliott Hudson and Chris Williams to explore how the game evolved from a game jam project to hit Steam Early Access release and how the concept changed along the way. They also explore the mysterious Haunted Frontier update and give a hint at what Cutters can expect from the upcoming Javelin-class ships.


Tech Talk: Explosions with VFX Graph

Hardspace: Shipbreaker artist David Perdigón and programmer Trevor Ware show you how they use Unity’s Visual Effect Graph to create dynamic explosions with data-driven VFX parameters. They also demonstrate how you can customize explosions for different situations.


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