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Genshin Impact microtransaction guide: How they work and what to avoid


Genshin Impact’s microtransactions are a little concerning. It shares some DNA with the “gacha” genre of mobile games, where loot boxes reward powerful new characters and weapons at extremely low drop rates. But Genshin Impact’s emphasis on exploring a gorgeous open world and fun action RPG combat mean those microtransactions don’t really get in the way of what is one of 2020’s most astounding and exciting games—for the most part.

Even though Genshin Impact is great, its microtransactions are pretty damn confusing. There’s a lot of currencies with long-winded names and a variety of different progression systems to level up. Deep breaths, though. This guide will not only explain the different microtransactions, the systems that encourage you to spend, and premium currencies, but it’ll also explain how to get the most of this free-to-play game if you do decide to spend a little money on it.

TL;DR: How bad is it, doc? 

Genshin Impact feels like the kind of game where you’ll spend money because you want to, not because you feel obligated to.

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