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Genshin Impact characters tier list: Every character in Genshin Impact ranked


Our Genshin Impact tier list. (You can make your own tier list image like this at Tiermaker.) (Image credit: Tiermaker)

In Genshin Impact, characters are everything. Each of the 24 currently available characters has unique elemental skills, weapons, and passive bonuses to activities like cooking and mining. While you’ll get a few to start, most will be earned through Genshin Impact’s loot boxes, called Wishes (which you can read about here).

But how do you know if a character you just got is an MVP or a total dud? That’s where this guide comes in. Below, you’ll find a quick overview of each character and their Normal abilities categorized into a handy tier list. Characters are grouped and assigned a letter grade based on how useful they are in combat and while exploring the open world, starting with the most valuable characters in the S-tier rank. If you’re aiming to have the best party possible, then you should follow this guide closely, or, if you just want to see how your favorite characters are ranked so you can tell me that I’m wrong about them in the comments, check out the condensed tier list above.

Genshin Impact characters tier list 

S-tier characters

(Image credit: MiHoYo)


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