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Genki Covert Dock review — A safe portable dock for the Nintendo Switch


The Genki Covert Dock is like buying shipping insurance. Sure, you can find ways to save a little money, but those come with risks. And at a certain point in life, you learn that it’s always worth it to buy the insurance. Likewise, it’s probably worth it to pony up the $75 for the Genki.

This is the latest dock alternative for the Nintendo Switch, and it has some advantages over the official $90 option. For one, it is $15 less expensive. But it’s also smaller, which makes it more ideal for traveling. And unlike Nintendo’s dock, you can also use the Genki Covert Dock to display other devices on a television. It works with anything that does Display Port over USB-C.

Most importantly, however, the Covert Dock is safe to use with the Nintendo Switch. You can find a lot of cheaper alternatives online, but Genki is the one company that has worked to reverse engineer how Nintendo delivers power to its hybrid handheld/home console. And instead of just settling for getting close, it detects the Switch and gives it exactly what the device asks for.

This means your Switch is at no more of a risk of damage or bricking than when using the official Nintendo equipment. And I find that a huge relief as someone who doesn’t want to drag their dock all around the house — let alone whenever I begin traveling again.

I also have found that the Genki’s design, which puts all of the connections at the wall, makes it more ideal for certain situations. One of those is connecting the Switch to a projector.

Is it worth $75?

The Genki Covert Dock is excellent. And it’s a no-brainer at something like $50. But $75 is close to the official dock’s $90. And if you are more concerned with saving money, you can find some other docks that are nearly as safe to use with Switch.

While I would also want to use the Covert Dock as my one charger while traveling, it maxes out at 30 watts. That is enough to power my laptop, but it’s far short of anything like fast charging.

I think at 45 watts, that $75 price would again feel like an easy choice.

But as is, the Covert Dock feels like a luxury. If you do travel a lot, it’s probably a luxury you should spring for. And then you’ll always have an option to play on a TV while on the go without having to make room for the awkward Switch dock.

But speaking as someone who always buys the insurance, I think the Genki Covert Dock is the best, portable alternative to the official power solution.

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