Gaming Trends Set To Continue Growing In 2022

Gaming is a favored pastime for many, both reading this and beyond. Whether this is something you have grown up doing, or is a hobby you have explored more as you have aged, playing various games is a great way to pass the time. No matter what platform you play games on or how regular you play games, this is something that is enjoyed by billions of people worldwide and looks like something that is set to remain in the years to come.

As technology develops, so does the gaming world; there is a correlation between the two, which looks set to grow further in the coming months and years. With the recent news that Xbox is looking to make a major purchase in the gaming world by purchasing Activision, there are set to be more changes as we move forward.

Gaming trends come and go, much like other trends and fads throughout history. However, for the purpose of this piece, we will be considering the gaming trends that have been dominating the world in recent months and years and which look set to continue growing as we head further into a new year. Read on for more!

Virtual and Artificial Realities (VR and AR)

Virtual reality headsets have become all the more popular in recent years, and it is easy to spot why. Many people turned to this form of gaming throughout the height of the pandemic as a means of getting through the mandated lockdowns that we were placed in. Escaping the stresses of day-to-day life by exploring a virtual world; seems pretty appealing if we do say so.

At the same time, it is worth noting this part of the vast gaming world has grown exponentially and is a trend that looks set to continue. Thanks to the introduction of the ‘Metaverse’ by big corporations, there has been an increased buzz and interest surrounding the VR world and how we can access it moving forward. Expect to see big things from this in the coming months and years.

Gambling and Slots

Best suited to those who are overage, the gambling industry is one of the biggest worldwide. Transitioning from in-person machines and games to that of the online world, it is easy to see why this is also a favored hobby for thousands worldwide; you get to play various games while earning bonus funds and money.

Online casinos were naturally popular throughout the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns; fans of gambling and slot machines could not enjoy these in-person, so they turned to the virtual forms as a means of passing the time. Not to mention, using online casino games is an ideal means of practicing for when you feel comfortable to head back to the casino in person.

It has been estimated that play-to-earn games and the industry as a whole are set to continue growing in the coming months, which would subsequently include the gambling industry and all it entails. Get ahead of the crowd by exploring all this industry has to offer, all the while having fun!

Console Games

As we mentioned previously, console platforms are taking the new year by storm, with recent announcements about where they intend to go in the coming months and years. While consoles have been around for decades, they have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and this is a trend that does not look like it is slowing down anytime soon. Console platforms, including the likes of PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, frequently update video game fans and more with what they are up to, giving snippets at conferences about the games that are set for release in the near future. Generating hype around games is one way to ensure continued growth, but industries like these have had their fair share of obstacles in recent months.

Due to the worldwide chip shortage, console manufacturers found themselves faced with the inability to create more units, which would ultimately lead to a reduction in profits too. While this has gradually gotten better as time has gone on, it is a significant obstacle that had to be overcome. That being said, the trend moving into 2022 is that video game fans, both seasoned and novice, are better able to get their hands on the latest consoles without needing to wait months for the next drop.

At the same time, owners of next-generation consoles, including the PS5, can look forward to platform-specific game releases, bringing with it a whole new level of detail and graphics. However, it is not just console lovers who can benefit from game releases in 2022, which takes us to the final section of this piece.

PC Gaming

What was once viewed as a hobby for those more introverted has become ever more popular thanks to platforms like Twitch and YouTube. PC gamers can tailor their set up to their own gaming approach, which includes when it comes to streaming. With it estimated that Twitch’s watch hours were up eighty-two per cent during the pandemic, this is undoubtedly an aspect of the gaming world that is set to continue in popularity, with more people jumping on board and launching their own streaming channels.

Much like console manufacturers and lovers, PC gamers found themselves both unable to buy a PC in itself but unable to acquire the relevant parts to make repairs and upgrades on their existing systems due to the international chip shortage. While this has alleviated slightly, there is still high demand for certain components that make up a gaming PC.

That being said, with more people working from home and hybrid working models looking set to remain the world over, we believe that more people will begin to combine their work life with their home life by getting rid of their laptop and swapping it in for a PC. As they say, work hard and play hard.

Without a doubt, gaming is a hobby that millions of us enjoy and is something that looks set to grow as we head even further into the new year. Whether you are a seasoned video game player, or someone who is just embarking on their journey, find what works for you and enjoy!