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Game demos are back, baby


Pssst. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but game demos: they’re kinda back? No no, don’t say it out loud, or they might go away again. Let’s just enjoy them while they’re here.

The realization hit me over the weekend as I was playing an excellent demo for the upcoming System Shock remake: I sure am playing a lot of demos these days, and they’re often very good. The games themselves aren’t always winners, but the value of demos has never felt higher. That System Shock demo gives players full rein on the entire Medical floor of the Citadel Station, easily 60 to 90 minutes of game if you stop and smell the roses. And I did, across three playthroughs, in fact.

Just a few days earlier, I was knee-deep in Outriders’ meaty 22GB demo. I played through the entire opening of the game, chose a class, played a few missions, explored the open area, and promptly had my fill. The game wasn’t great, but I was impressed to learn that those planning to pick up Outriders when it releases will be able to transfer their progress into the full game. Players get to completely sidestep the annoying norm of replaying the early bits you’ve already seen so you can get on with the rest of it. If that’s not a perfect use for a demo, I don’t know what is. 

Holding a pipe as a weapon in a spooky space corridor.

Where has System Shock been all my life? (Image credit: Nightdive)

I’m also a total sucker for the ‘surprise demo’ that drops at the same time as the game’s announcement. That’s exactly how FPS throwbacks Ultrakill and Gloomwood got me to finally start using my wishlist after 11 years on Steam. Did you know that with a single click you’re notified whenever the stuff you want goes on sale? It’s pretty neat! Both demos clocked in under an hour, but they ruled so hard that I couldn’t stop thinking about them and now they’re two of my most anticipated games. I can feel myself falling under the same spell with System Shock. I’m suddenly obsessed with the remake of a game I’ve never played before, all thanks to a well-constructed demo.

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