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Free iOS and Android apps for this week


Are you looking forward to the free apps this week just to save a few pennies or even some dollars? Times are hard, and every single cent counts. You have definitely come to the right place here at NextPit because we consistently pick out free apps of the week that are available on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Perhaps there is something that catches your fancy this week?

Every week, I will be out to hunt down apps that would normally cost something just a few days prior. Hence, if you were to read this article in the future, some of the apps might no longer be free, but at the very least, the existing promotion period would bring the price down to…nothing.

In order to remain in the loop, I trawled German deal community site MyDealz as well as the Android app known as “AppsFree” weekly.  At the same time, I am always on the lookout for any tips by our dear readers, of which you can share in the following thread on the NextPit forum:

One more tip before we start: If you have no use for that particular app at the moment, but think that it might come in handy in the future, just download and install it for now, before uninstalling it. This way, any subsequent installation would not require you to fork out money in the future even if it returns to the original price as your app account has already registered you as having “purchased” it today. 

Free apps and mobile games for Android

These Android apps are currently available for free

  • Alpha Backup Pro (€5.49): This is the full version of a backup app that allows you to create backup copies of your Android operating system. Handy just in case anything goes awry. It works without requiring a cloud account and boasts of a lot of features.  
  • Keep Screen Awake (€2.39): While most Android smartphones do give you the choice of leaving your screen on for a long, long time before it goes to sleep, “Keep Screen Awake” can still come in handy. This is because you can use this app as a widget on your home screen.
  • QR / Barcode – Scanner Pro (€2.29): Almost every other week, there’s a QR code scanner for free. After all, with Covid-19, virtually everywhere we go requires some sort of contactless scanning. My sympathies go out to the folks who used to spend money on a QR scanning app before!

These mobile games for Android are free right now

  • WordMix Pro – the living crossword puzzle (€1.00): A fun word puzzle where you have to form words from mixed up letters. As the Pro version is currently free, you can be sure that annoying ads won’t be a bane any more. 
  • Shan Gui (€0.79): A mobile game that scored 4.2 stars out of 5 in 5,627 reviews. According to the comments, however, this game is more of an interactive narrative in which a student meets up with a mysterious girl.
  • Nova Galaxy (€0.89): Nova Galaxy is a tower defense game that you can currently enjoy for free. The game’s premise is set in space, but the graphics do look a bit outdated. It can still be a fun title anyway!
  • Slayer Bizarre Shmup (€139.99): This otherwise apparently ultra-expensive game is a so-called “danmaku”, i.e. a shoot ’em up, where you have to steer a spaceship through a chaos of fire volleys and destroy enemies.

Free Apps and Mobile Games for iPhone and iPad

These iOS apps are currently available for free

  • Scene Shot (€5.00): Time to capture screenshots and place them on a virtual iPhone.
  • WordMap (€3.49): For brainstorming, organizing, or simply increasing your vocabulary through a network of words. This app ranks 15th in the list of best apps for education!
  • Reji – Vocabulary Builder App (€8.99): A vocabulary app that supports up to 48 languages. What’s also exciting is that you can save your own vocabulary from movies, Netflix, and the web.
  • Hibiki2 (€12.00): A music player that is supposed to improve the musical playback via an audio up-conversion technology. If the app is no longer free, there is always the free version known as “Hibiki2F”.
  • Interval Timer – HIIT Timer (€10.99): If you began the new year with a resolution to stay trim and fit, you can give the HIIT Timer a go. With a High-Intensity-Interval-Training app in your hands, be prepared to push your endurance to the limit with strength-sapping exercises! I had the worst muscle soreness of my life just last weekend!
  • Watch Chat (€3.49): Offers many WhatsApp features on your Apple Watch.
  • Usage: System Wid get (€2.29): Comprises of 17 new widgets that inform you about the state of your smartphone.
  • The 60 best back exercises (4.49): Do you always sit as though you had no backbone in front of your PC after 5 minutes in your home office? Then maybe these 60 back exercises will help you, which is currently free for iOS.
  • Scan Thing: Scan Anything (€6.99): With this powerful scanning app, you can scan texts and objects with your iPhone.

These mobile games for iOS are currently free

  • Drop Attack – AppStore (€0.79): A puzzle game in which different stones drop from above, of which you are tasked to arrange them accordingly.
  • Tiny Tanks (€1.09): An arcade game where you chase other players or bots with tanks through an arena, killing or be killed.
  • Fuchstreff Doppelkopf HD (€3.49): A Doppelkopf game in which you can also compete online against other players.

Unfortunately for iOS apps, there is no way to actually keep track of the app prices when they are no longer free. Therefore, by the time you read this article, an app may very well cost you something. So don’t be angry with me, just write a comment and I’ll remove the app from the article!

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