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FREE: Creative Writing 4-Week Course



This course provides you with an overview of the core concepts of the story – research, setting, character, and dialogue – a basic exploration of The Hero’s Journey and it’s main character archetypes, as well as an overview of the essential tools of the trade needed to write professionally. With 8 lessons, you’ll learn how to take your amateur prose to next level and prepare for the steps involved in the publication process.

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1. The Key Elements of Story

  • Get an overview of the essential tools of the trade needed to write professionally
  • Learn about the core concepts of a story

2. Research

  • Know the essential concepts to consider before researching your work
  • Take a crucial look at the types of sources writers will interact with
  • Explore how to integrate research into fiction

3. The Three-Act Structure

  • Examine fiction’s most popular narrative structure
  • Get into specifics of how the 3 acts function
  • Plot narrative within framework
  • Demystify discussion of the importance of narrative causality

4. Character Development

  • Know the core concepts to consider when constructing characters
  • Focus on the public/private disparity as well as the need for character motivation
  • Look at more key character archetypes
  • Learn handy writing tips for writing characters for a modern audience

5. Character, Conflict, & Humanity

  • Take a deeper look at character development
  • Focus on the crucial nature of conflict & subcategories thereof
  • Draw up a character bio & design a cohesive cast

6. Writing Dialogue

  • Know what distinguishes dialogue from real-life speech
  • Learn how levels of human intimacy guides dialogue
  • Make decisions regarding the use of slang/regionalisms/jargon in fiction

7. Genres of Fiction

  • Take a look at the original Ancient Greek genres
  • Learn the most up-to-date approaches to the concept

8. Publication.

  • Learn the pre-publication phases of beta-reading and criticism
  • Assemble necessary auxiliary documentation,
  • Handle the process of actual submission & potential feedback


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