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Fortnite Tilted Taxis LTM: Crazy Taxi in Fortnite is a chaotic joy


It’s easy to forget that Fortnite’s free, sometimes. You get an awful lot for your zero pounds. Well, unless you’re into the battle passes and Marvel skins, which I’m not. I haven’t really been into the core battle royale mode for a while, and I think I’ve realised I like Fortnite most when it’s trying to be an entirely different game. Last week I wholly embarrassed myself in the Fall Guys Fortnite map in Creative mode, but this time I got behind the wheel of a limited time mode inspired by a rather different game, both in style and age: Crazy Taxi.

Yes, the game that first raced into arcade cabinets in 1999 has, all but officially, been dropped off at Weeping Woods in Fortnite. If you’ve played Crazy Taxi, you’ll know exactly what to do in ‘Tilted Taxis’. Plonked in one of the new-ish Fortnite cars, the aim is to pick up as many of the game’s unsettling characters as possible and deliver them to their desired destinations to get a high enough score to win. To maximise your total, you’ll also be looking out for bonus star pickups and generally driving as dangerously as possible: Fulfilling secondary objectives like bashing other cabbies, driving off-road, and going airborne, in other words.

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