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Fortnite Batman Zero Point issue 1 is out, and we like it?


Fortnite’s new Batman crossover comic is out today, the first of a six-issue storyline. As far as marketing stunts go, it’s not very surprising but a couple tidbits have me somewhat curious where the tale will go, and if it will add anything meaningful to Fortnite’s lore. I’ve been tough on Fortnite’s story, which feels like it’s been treading water for years now, and Batman’s canonical interjection might just give this aimless narrative some real stakes, at least emotionally.

Following in the reality-tearing footsteps of season 5 and season 6, issue 1 of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point drags the Caped Crusader into the Fortnite universe. A dimensional rift opens up above the skies of Gotham, and Batman follows Harley Quinn into the battle royale island. Unfortunately, it goes about as well as his visit to the Court of Owls, and he promptly gets attacked by a wealth of Fortnite characters.

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Thus far, it’s a pretty familiar setup to the in-game comic that debuted Thor for season 4’s Marvel crossover, with plenty of teases to come, I’m sure. What interests me is one minor implication: As Batman is being ambushed by one of Fortnite’s more wild characters, he discovers he’s been turned into a mute, unable to utter a single world. When some sign language fails to communicate any nuance, he similarly discovers that he has lost any memory of who he is.

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