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Florida man charged with unlawfully entering US Capitol


  • Adam Honeycutt was arrested Thursday at his girlfriend’s house in Florida.
  • The government alleges he unlawfully entered the US Capitol on January 6.
  • Honeycutt boasted of his involvement on Facebook, according to a criminal complaint.
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A Florida man who posted videos on social media that appear to show him entering the US Capitol was arrested by federal agents on Thursday over his alleged role in the January 6 insurrection

Adam Honeycutt was arrested after two people tipped off the FBI. Both alerted the bureau to the man’s Facebook page, which one of the tipsters said showed “multiple videos and photos apparently taken by [him] at the US Capitol,” according to a criminal complaint.

One tipster said they were “not friends with him” on Facebook but said, according to the complaint, that there was sufficient enough evidence on his public feed, “Including a picture of him holding a broken piece of a desk from within the Capitol.”

That photo is included in the government’s complaint, the broken furniture having a prominent sticker that reveals its owner: “US SENATE SERGEANT AT ARMS.”

adam honeycutt allegations

Photo from criminal complaint.

US Department of Justice criminal complaint

Days after the riot, Honeycutt appeared to grasp that there could be legal consequences. In one private post, provided to the FBI by a confidential informant, he insisted that he had not been inside the US Capitol at all.

“Hell, I was at the food truck when the shit hit the fan,” he wrote on January 10, asserting that he would have said so sooner but he did not have reception. “Then got put in [Facebook] jail so I couldn’t let yall know that I wasn’t with the rioters.”

He also changed his profile photo from one of him outside the Capitol to another featuring him and a small child.

Videos posted the day of the riot, reviewed by the FBI, however, suggest otherwise, according to the criminal complaint.

In one, he appears to be outside the Capitol as rioters clash with police, the complaint alleges. “It’s about to go down!” he yells, according to the court documents. In another, the complaint alleges, he appears on camera and states, “Well, made it in.”

His still-active Facebook page shows him to be a fan of Fox News personalities Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson. On January 28 he updated his profile photo again to a meme that depicts President Joe Biden as a character from “The Avengers,” Thanos, snapping his fingers and eliminating oil industry jobs, a reference to the canceling of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Screenshot_2021 02 11 (1) Facebook

Adam Honeycutt’s most recent profile photo on Facebook.

Screenshot / Facebook

Honeycutt is charged with entering restricted grounds, violent entry, and disorderly conduct. He was arrested at his girlfriend’s house in Orange Park, Florida, a suburb of Jacksonville, according to local NBC News affiliate News4Jax. He faces up to six months in prison.

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His lawyer, Lee Lockett, did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment. However, he told News4Jax that his client is cooperating with authorities.

Prosecutors are seeking to prevent Honeycutt from being released on bail, alleging that they found marijuana and improperly secured guns when they arrested him.

Honeycutt is himself a bail bondsman, the complaint says, a LinkedIn page stating that he has worked as one since August 2018.

A hearing, at the federal courthouse in Jacksonville, is set for Tuesday morning.

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