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Florida building collapse live: Mayor warns rest of Miami structure could crumble


Florida building collapse live: Mayor warns rest of Miami structure could crumble 2

Video shows pile of rubble following collapse of Miami Beach building

Miami-Dade Police has confirmed that one person has died as a result of a building collapse in Surfside, Florida on Thursday morning.

Further fatalities are feared but have not yet been confirmed. One person is being treated for injuries in hospital, while ten have been treated at the scene, Surfside Mayor Charles W. Burkett told the press.

Mr Burkett said that the building “pancaked” – where there was once 10 feet between stories, there is now one. He added that rescue teams are risking their lives to search for survivors, as the remainder of the building is at risk of crumbling too.

The building, Champlain Tower South near 88 Street & Collins Avenue, was “substantially full” when around half of the structure fell, the mayor said.

Those with family members who may have been in the building at the time of its collapse are asked to call 305-614-1819. More information here.


Police confirm one dead

Miami-Dade Police have confirmed one fatality.

They add that they have assumed the investigation.

Joanna Taylor24 June 2021 12:55


Dogs used to search building, mayor says

Dogs searched the building during the night, and search teams are looking through the rubble, the mayor says.

He says he believes that the search of the part of the building which did not collapse has been completed.

Joanna Taylor24 June 2021 12:49


One dead, mayor confirms

The building was “substantially full” the mayor says.

He adds that the building keeps a log of guests but not of residents coming in and out.

At least thirty units could have collapsed he adds.

Ten were treated on site and two taken to hospital, of whom one died he adds.

Joanna Taylor24 June 2021 12:47


Building built in 1980s, mayor says

“There is no reason for the building to go down like this,” Surfside Mayor Charles W. Burkett says.

He adds that the building was built in the 1980s. He says roof work was going on and they had a crane out there, but says he can’t see how that would have contributed to the collapse.

“I’m sure there was an application and an inspection,” he says.

Joanna Taylor24 June 2021 12:45


Surfside Mayor addresses press

The building may be at risk of further collapse, Surfside Mayor Charles W. Burkett tells press.

He adds that the building has “pancaked”. Where there were ten feet between stories, there are now one, he adds.

He says that some people have been found in the building but fears that others may not have survived.

Joanna Taylor24 June 2021 12:43


Family reunification centre set up

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue have clarified the address of the reunification centre set up for concerned family members.

Joanna Taylor24 June 2021 12:32


Contact for concerned family

Concerned family members should call 305-614-1819 if their relatives are missing or unaccounted for, the fire service says.

Those who have confirmed that their family who may have been present in the building are safe should also get in touch.

Joanna Taylor24 June 2021 12:24


One death has been confirmed by Surfside Mayor Charles W. Burkett, CNN reports.

Fatalities have not yet been confirmed by emergency services.

Joanna Taylor24 June 2021 12:22


Emergency teams search for trapped residents

Technical Rescue Teams and Miami Dade Fire Services are continuing their search for trapped residents in the building.

NBC reporter Sam Brock said that he could hear the sound of saws as emergency responders moved from balcony to balcony looking for survivors.

Joanna Taylor24 June 2021 11:51


Watch: Child pulled from rubble

Footage shows moment a young man is rescued from the rubble by the fire service.

Joanna Taylor24 June 2021 11:46

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