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Fire Truck Driving Simulator

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Fighting fires is in the name, but that isn’t the only thing a firefighter does. In order to get to the fires, part of the job involves driving a fire truck. Emergency vehicles are massive compared to average, everyday vehicles. Fire trucks have lots of bells and whistles and can be complicated to drive. Just as a responder needs to know how to react in emergencies, equally important is knowing how to safely arrive on the scene while avoiding collisions and other hazards.

Driving a vehicle as large as a firetruck can be stressful, especially when you are trying to get to an emergency scene as fast as you can.  The fire truck driving simulator from L3 Harris offers simulators for fire departments. The departments can use these simulators to properly train employees to deal with emergency vehicles properly. Annually, there are more than 30,000 crashes involving fire trucks, leading to potentially dire consequences for the vehicle occupants and those at an emergency scene if that’s where the truck was heading.

Benefits of Fire Truck Driving Simulators

A fire truck driving simulator offers a multitude of benefits that can be used to improve your fire department.

Hands-On Training

Drivers will get realistic behind-the-wheel training without posing as a risk to others as well as themselves. The fire truck driving simulators provide an environment that is similar to the inside of a fire truck. This includes all the bells and whistles that they will need to know how to use when behind the wheel.

Multi-Tasking Training

These simulators can help firefighters learn to be aware of their surroundings. The simulator will teach allow them to train to make critical decisions.

Modular Designs

Simulators have been converted from real fire truck cabs in order to make training feel more life-like. Making the transition from the simulator to an actual fire truck a breeze.

Realistic Environments

First responders will gain real-life experience from the simulators. Customized scenarios can be used to match your training objectives. Whether your drivers will be driving in snowstorms, crowded urban cities, or suburbs, the simulator has you covered. You can also choose different response scenarios from fire, medical, and hazmat applications.

Less Training Time

When drivers are able to use the truck driving simulator, one hour of training is equivalent of four hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. The faster you can train in a safe environment, the faster you will have more drivers who can respond to emergencies.

Reduced Cost

Driving simulators train responders while keeping them off the road while they are still new. This will reduce the wear and tear on your vehicles that come with training. It will also help you avoid costly accidents that can happen with behind-the-wheel instruction.

Contact Us Today

Having competent and well-trained drivers is incredibly important when it comes to responding to emergencies. Make sure your employees have the proper training while saving you time and money with a fire truck driving simulator. The simulator from L3Harris is a great teaching tool for fire departments. Contact L3Harris to learn more about our various driving simulators today.

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