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Farm laws revolutionary but should have been passed after extensive consultations: Brijendra Singh


New Delhi: The new farm laws are “reformist and revolutionary” but should have been passed after more extensive dialogue with the farming community, said BJP MP Brijendra Singh, who is the great-grandson of legendary farmer leader Chaudhary Sir Chhotu Ram.

Singh said the government would not have to deal with agitations if there had been extensive dialogue with stakeholders.

“I do feel there is some lack of dialogue prior to passing of these bills in parliament. Had all the stakeholders been taken on board prior to passage of bills, we would have better situation now,” said the great-grandson of the man who was architect of mandi laws.

While party leaders said the farmers’ agitation has been politicised, Singh who is a son of former union minister Chaudhary Birendra Singh, had a different view.

“When issues of public are involved, politics is bound to come in. Politics isn’t a dirty word. Politics is bound to be there on such an issue of this magnitude,” said Singh.

On Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar’s alleged accusations of those supporting Khalistan demand being involved in agitation, Singh said that once an agitation attains such a magnitude, there are elements who try to spoil it, be they religious or pro-Khalistan.

Agriculture sector was crying out for a change to break out of rut that it has been in. The government has taken a bold decision by bringing these farm laws which seek to provide new direction. However, it’s a time consuming process. This will take a long time for private sector to come in and infrastructure to be in place and it will give farmers to see for themselves whether it is for their benefit or not,” said the BJP MP from Hisar.

The MP said the basic purpose of farmers marching towards Capital is to have a conversation with government on three farm laws and that after union home minister’s statement assuring them of dialogue if they go to the venue, discussions can be initiated.

“That more than amply answers that these farmers are agitating for. They are here to have a dialogue with the government and that is what they are here for. Earlier, government has given them a date. They say why not have it now. That now has also been answered. I feel they will come around after having discussions with various unions who are agitating,” says the MP.

Commenting on the war of words between CMs of Haryana and Punjab, Singh said the issue calls for a serious dialogue between stakeholders be it farmers, two governments of Punjab and Haryana, and of Delhi, UP, Uttarakhand. Everyone should put their heads together and resolve this, he said.

“Amarinder is such a senior politician and he has been CM a few times. He fully understands that resolution has to come through dialogue, with farmers, unions, central and Haryana and Punjab governments. There is no getting away from dialogue and for a CM to say that he will not have any dialogue with the neighbouring CM is uncalled for and bit of overreaction and could have been avoided,” says the BJP MP.

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