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Far Cry 6 will let you hide in plain sight, ride horses, and command a crocodile


The Far Cry series, originally notable for more or less reinventing itself with each new game, has settled into a bit of a formula for, jeez, nearly a decade now—Far Cry 3 came out in 2012. There have been a few curious diversions like Far Cry Primal, which threw players into the stone age, and there was that expansion where we went to Mars. But the major games in the series haven’t been all that different from one another. They’ve mostly been fun, but it feels like Ubisoft found a groove for Far Cry and kept the needle buried in it.

So it’s exciting to see a few new features in today’s Far Cry 6 gameplay trailer. (I also got to attend a briefing last week, which included additional gameplay footage and a chat with one of the developers.) While Far Cry 6 definitely doesn’t look like a complete reinvention of the series, there are a few new features that really stand out. Here they are, in order of how much I’m excited for them:

You can holster your weapon to blend in

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