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What is it? The official game of the Formula 1 2020 World Championship, with F2 too.
Reviewed on: Windows 10 64-bit Home, Intel Core i7 10th Gen, 16GB RAM, NVidia GeForce RTX 2070.
Price: $60/£45, with two further tiers of premium DLC
Release date: Out now
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Codemasters
Multiplayer: Two-player local racing in a custom season of Grands Prix, plus online ranked, unranked and league racing in up to 20-player grids.  
Link: Official site

Being an F1 driver must mean a lot of weight to carry on your shoulders. I mean, when thousands of hours have been poured into crafting your exquisite race car, imagine having to face your boss after shoving it in the wall on lap 1. But what if you are the boss? F1 2020 lets you be both driver and manager in your own team, so you’re perfectly entitled to ignore your own inadequacy and instead punish disgruntled aerodynamics staff by closing their R&D department.

Codemasters’ F1 series has offered comparable depth in its career mode for a few years now, but creating and managing your own team really does make a difference to the emotional attachment you’ll feel. From press interview answers to choosing the right teammate, you’re responsible for your results to the point where you can clearly trace any failure back to a poor decision that you made. And every variable, from the Acclaim stat to sponsor choice to component wear and how you fill the new calendar with off-track events, fits together with other systems to create a cohesive whole. But most brilliantly, everything eventually comes back to how you drive the car, which is of course paramount in what is still very much an action-packed racing game.

(Image credit: Codemasters)

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