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Everspace 2 is close to being the new gold standard for space shooters


It’s a pretty bold move for a sequel to ditch most of what made the original game unique, but Everspace 2 is proof that it can be good to let go of the past. The first Everspace was a dogfighting roguelike where each death meant starting over from scratch with nothing but the credits you earned during your previous run. But when I die in Everspace 2, I can just load up an autosave and try again. And while I love me a good roguelike, developer Rockfish Games made the right call to pivot towards a big, open world (or should I say galaxy?), because Everspace 2 is on its way to becoming the new gold standard for space combat games. 

Warlocks in space 

Everspace 2 may not be a bold reimagining of the genre, but it epitomizes everything great about it.

Have you played a spaceship shooter in the past decade? Elite Dangerous, maybe? House of the Dying Sun? Rebel Galaxy Outlaw? Hell, even Freelancer from 2003? If you have, sliding into any of the dozens of cockpits in Everspace 2 is going to feel familiar. Within minutes you’ll be locked into vicious loop-de-loops with enemy fighters, doing your best Davish Krail impression as you wrestle to keep your aiming reticle over your constantly swerving target.

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