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Enjoy The Unique Features Of 9apps Online Play Jio Phone

9apps is a third party app which can be used on the android. It is through this app the users can have access to all the different games and applications. In this app, you can search for the app you want to use and also provides you the recommendations which may be fruitful for you over the period of time. 9apps online play Jio phone which has more than 10,000+ users. This application is really unique and it was released on 27th July 2017. The latest version can be downloaded by the users easily.

Jio Phone is really important for those who were not able to join 4G bandwagon as it has very high costs. Reliance Jio Phone has the 4G VoLTE feature which supports the square screen along with the QVGA display screen of 2.4 inches. It has the alphanumeric keypad also which the dedicated button for the torchlight.  It also has the features of a headphone jack, speaker, and microphone and also supports FM radio.

The Jio phone also supports different languages. This application enables the users to use NON-VOLTE smartphone to make the very high definition voice and video calls to your landline as well as mobile number anywhere and anytime in the world. With the Jio4Gvoice, the users can enjoy unlimited the best communication features with any Jio user on any phones using the VOLTE phones.

There are a lot of different features of the 9apps online play jio phone which the users must know before downloading the application:-

  • Video calling and HD voice are the features which are provided to the users so that they can be in touch with their friend and family especially those living far away. Make and receive calls from any mobile for a landline number over the 4G mobile data.
  • The application is also customized and provides the messaging and smooth calling to the users. You can also send and receive the images, audios, videos, and location to one another.
  • There is a very unique feature in it of the urgent call feature provided to the users so that they can get to know the call and do not ignore.
  • When you switch to the phone dialer, you can also search for any name in your contacts as usually you do and you can directly do the call directly through this application.
  • With the unified messaging, the messages can be sent and received easily along with the images. The group chats can be made and the location can also be sent to one another. It not only lets you send the images, videos but also the documents in all the different formats on your mobile number.
  • There is an important feature in it which is known as call share through which you can share your thoughts in a better way with the quick doodle, sketch the direction and share the location of the meeting point in the real time.

As a users, you can enjoy the different features of the application.

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