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Emergency-preparedness gadgets you need to have in your home to tackle any situation » Gadget Flow


Have you ever asked yourself if you’re prepared for an emergency? We’re talking about a power outage where your electrical outlets no longer work, or—worse—a complete disaster where you no longer have access to food for a while. Perhaps you don’t have any emergency supplies for an unexpected illness that leaves you unable to visit stores. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. We have all the emergency supplies and gadgets you need in today’s Daily Digest.

You don’t need to live in the middle of nowhere to encounter a disaster; one could happen to any one of us at any time. Fortunately, there are emergency-preparedness gadgets readily available to keep your devices charged up and you and your family hydrated and fed in the event of these emergencies.

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In today’s article, we highlight some must-have gadgets and accessories to always have available for an emergency. This includes generators and power banks that charge your devices and can even power a fridge during an electrical outage. We even threw in a couple of survival kits that contain food supplies for a household. Always be prepared and ready for any unlikely event with today’s product roundup.

1. The Generark Solar Generator is one of the best emergency-preparedness gadgets. It’s an affordable backup solution.

Keep the Generark Solar Generator in your home for emergencies, such as a power outage. This useful gadget features a battery power station and all-weather portable solar panels. Simply turn it on and plug it in, and you’ll have enough power to charge your essential devices.

Preorder this power gadget on Kickstarter for $1,399.

2. The mophie powerstation go rugged w/ air compressor is a 3-in-1 gadget with a powerful 55,500 mWh battery you’ll love.

Featuring 2 USB-A ports, a universal air compressor, and a power bank, the mophie powerstation go rugged w/ air compressor is highly useful in an emergency situation. Moreover, this gadget can charge your car or phone while inflating tires, balls, air mattresses, and more.

This gadget is available for $159.95.

3. Featuring 400 lumens, the Ledlenser MH5 compact headlamp is one of our favorite emergency-preparedness gadgets.

Always be prepared for a power outage with the Ledlenser MH5 compact headlamp. This useful gadget illuminates dark places while you work. Plus, you can transform this headlamp into a handheld light. Furthermore, it features a long-distance beam with just a quick bezel turn for convenience and safety.

Order this wearable lamp for $49.95.

4. Judy The Mover Max is an evacuation-ready kit that can support a family of 4 with basic survival needs for up to 72 hours.

Always be prepared for an emergency or disaster when you have the Judy The Mover Max. This survival gadget includes 14 water packets, 10 meal replacement bars, a first aid kit, 4 hand warmers, a towel, and more. Above all, its supplies provide warmth, safety, first aid, food, and drink. So, if there’s ever an emergency, you can simply grab this bag and go.

Order this survival gadget for $195.

5. Survive disasters like a pro with the U-PAK Pro adventure-ready survival system. It’s one of the best emergency-preparedness gadgets worth investing in to always keep within reach.

Always have the U-PAK Pro adventure-ready survival system on hand. It can help you survive disaster situations for up to 72 hours. Moreover, this survival gadget includes everything you need for an emergency, such as 1-liter emergency water packets, a hydration bladder, a water bottle, a cooking pot, and more.

Preorder this survival kit for $449.99.

6. The Raptic Titan XL 500 rechargeable power station charges phones up to 40 times, tablets 12 times, and laptops 10 times.

In a blackout, the Raptic Titan XL 500 rechargeable power station is your best friend. This useful gadget boasts a peak power surge of 500 W, making it highly powerful. Furthermore, its LEG lithium-ion battery offers short-circuit and overvoltage protection to keep it in full working order for when you need it.

Order this power station for $499.99.

7. The GRAYL GeoPress Purifier bottle filters contaminated water in just 8 seconds, making it great for emergencies and camping.

Use the GRAYL GeoPress Purifier bottle every day or save it for emergencies. This impressive water bottle purifies water to remove any traces of waterborne pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, protozoan cysts, Hepatitis A, norovirus, cryptosporidium, E. coli, and more.

Purchase this water bottle from $80.95.

8. Keep your electronics running with the Rockpals Rechargeable Portable Power Station so you can continue working. It’s one of the best emergency-preparedness gadgets that you can use at any time.

The Rockpals Rechargeable Portable Power Station is equipped with a 280 Wh battery to recharge devices. Furthermore, this gadget is even available with a solar panel for energy-efficient charging. Best of all, you can recharge it from a car in as few as 6 hours.

Order this emergency gadget for $239.90.

9. Compact and practical, the Garmin inReach mini compact satellite communicator enables two-way text messaging.

Get peace of mind that you can reach others in an emergency when you have the Garmin inReach mini compact satellite communicator. This emergency gadget features built-in navigation sensors that include a GPS satellite reference. So you’ll always find where you are. Furthermore, this survival accessory allows you to trigger an interactive SOS that goes to a rescue monitoring center.

Purchase this survival gadget from Amazon for $349.99.

10. The GoSun Go ultra-portable solar oven uses solar energy to bake, roast, steam, and boil food anywhere.

Finally, the GoSun Go ultra-portable solar oven ensures that you and your family are well fed in any situation. In fact, it’s simple, fast, and powerful. Furthermore, this survival gadget allows you to boil water anywhere. Once heated, liquids remain hot and ready for hours.

Order yours for a reduced price of $99.

With these emergency-preparedness gadgets, you’ll always be ready for anything that happens. Do you have a survival kit for emergencies? If so, let us know your recommendations in the comments.

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