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Easy way to apply magnetic lashes

Magnetic lashes are the best way to cover your lashes by giving you a pretty look. In the party you can see that out of 10,3-4 people are using it. It is safe and less time taking beauty tips. Magnetic lashes have a best and base strip that both contain magnets.

All you need is just apply lashes between the attractive lashes and the magnets will click together. Everyone can wear attractive magnetic lashes with other cosmetics, yet use eye cosmetics items that won’t harm the lashes.

Know the tips of using Magnetic lashes, from this article you can the best and quick tips. More than 2 tips are mentioned for applying magnetic lashes.


Applying Your Regular Makeup

i) Add cosmetics first.

on the off chance that you are new to attractive false eyelashes as you will apply them less effortlessly when at first utilizing them. Put all your other cosmetics on first before applying your attractive false eyelashes. Something else, the lashes could smirch your other cosmetics amid the application procedure

ii) Apply mascara

Attractive false lashes just spread the external corners of your eyes. Apply mascara to the lashes on the internal corner of your eye before applying false lashes.

Select a mascara tube that accompanies a little brush. This makes it less demanding to target just a little segment of your lashes

Attractive False Eyelashes (How to apply)

i) Lay a microfiber fabric down

Before applying lashes, a microfiber fabric down before you. Set your attractive false eyelashes on this material. In the event that they fall while you’re applying them, they’ll be less demanding to discover on the off chance that they arrive on the material.

ii) Tp lash strip over your eyelashes

The best lash strip ought to be named with a spot or other checking. Allude to your bundle’s directions to make sense of how your best strip is named. Expel the best strip and spot it simply over your eyelashes close to the external corner of your eye. Get the best lash strip as near your lash line as could be allowed

iii) Bottom lash strip

he base lash strip will be set apart by an alternate shading speck. Utilize your thumb and pointer to get the base lash strip. Spot it just underneath the best lash strip. The magnets eyelashes should click set up.
special care

Wash your hands previously applying eyelashes.
Give your eye cosmetics a chance to dry before putting on the lashes
Practice before destroying your eyelashes.
2nd way to apply magnetic lashes


Start by applying an eyeshadow foundation to ensure your beauty care products persists for the duration of the day and night. This will likewise permit your eyeshadow hues to show up their actual, energetic shading.


You can make a bruised eye with the shadow. Initially, apply the llight-dark eyeshadow to your cover. At that point, utilize the dull dark eyeshadow to characterize your wrinkle. Extend your wrinkle by applying the dark shade to the external V of your cover. Brighten your eyes by applying the white eyeshadow to your inner corner.


Before you get to figure out how to apply attractive lashes, it’s essential to begin off with the correct kind of attractive lash! Attractive lashes come in various styles relying upon the look you’re going for—simply like false lashes.

You’ll see that they come in various forces dependent on how sensational you need your lashes to show up. There are a lot of alternatives to look over, and attractive lashes make it simple to attempt multiple.

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