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Dual-screen LG Wing gets leaked again, rumored to cost $1,000 in US


While much of the smartphone industry looks to folding screens for the future of handset design, LG sure seems to have different tastes. Though LG phones have long had secondary displays in some form, the last few have stepped that up with full-size Dual Screen accessories.  Earlier this year we heard about a new effort that would try something else entirely — now a short video of this alleged LG Wing has surfaced, giving us a look at a rotating dual-screen phone that’s unlike anything else out there.

The footage appears to come from someone testing the Wing out in South Korea. You can see the phone mounted on a car dash with its 1:1 secondary display extended out to one side. While navigation occupies the main screen in the video, the square sidekick helps the driver with quick music controls and a notification for incoming calls. This sure sounds neat and looks like it will occasionally come in handy, but you wouldn’t want that extra part hanging out all the time.

That’s perhaps the reason why LG has reportedly gone for a swivel mechanism for the added panel, as per the report. However, it isn’t clear exactly how it swings out, and how that affects the ergonomics of the device. In addition to that, the extra display is bound to impact the overall battery life while also possibly taking up some physical space on the phone’s body, leaving even smaller room for the internals. LG’s eccentric design choice leaves a lot of lingering questions that should be answered as we get closer to the Wing’s official announcement.

As of now, what we know is that the Wing’s primary and secondary displays will measure 6.8 and 4 inches, respectively. The phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 765/765G chip, making it an upper-mid-tier offering. Its launch date isn’t confirmed yet, but considering that this design is reportedly “near-final,” the announcement shouldn’t be that far out.

Android Authority has obtained another video of the LG Wing, showing someone playing a racing game (again, in a car). The main view is displayed on the larger screen, while the flip-out screen shows an overview map of the racing track, similar to Mario Kart 7 on the Nintendo 3DS. The game also appears to freeze near the end of the video.

Meanwhile, XDA Developers is reporting that LG will release the Wing in the United States this fall. The phone is believed to be priced around $1,000, which would make it one of the cheapest devices with a secondary/dual-screen design.

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