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Don’t let negligence ruin festive happiness: PM Modi | India News


NEW DELHI: Citing a second wave of infections in other countries, PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday exhorted people not to rush to the conclusion that the battle against the virus had been won and lower the guard until they have been vaccinated.
Speaking against the backdrop of a steady drop in infections and the assessment that Covid-19 may have hit the peak in India, Modi said the threat from the virus was still alive, emphasising that people could become complacent only at the cost of their family’s well- being.
“We must keep in mind that lockdown may have ended but the virus is still here. This is not the time to be careless or to believe that Covid-19 has ended. If you are careless and are moving around without a mask, you are putting yourself, your children and the elderly in your family at risk,” Modi said in a televised address.
The address, the Prime Minister’s seventh on Covid -19 since imposition of the lockdown in March, appeared to have been prompted by wi despread concern over growing complacency because of the steady slide in the number of infections and fatalities.
The PM’s address appeared to have been prompted by widespread concern over growing complacency and the fear that this might lead people to abandon caution altogether in the festival season.
“This is absolutely wrong,” the PM said as he quoted Kabir and a verse from Ramcharitmanas to highlight the risk of underestimating the threat and premature celebrations. He said while the situation in India looked stable, “even a small mistake can result in deterioration and spoil our happiness”.
He gave the example of the US and Eu rope which are having to battle a “second wave” of infections just when the threat appeared to have receded.
“In the US and Europe, cases of corona had decreased but have again flared up,” he added. Modi talked about efforts to develop a vaccine on a “war footing”, and said the government was working on a plan to ensure that the vaccine was speedily delivered to each citizen.
However, he emphasised that masks, hand hygiene and physical distancing were the only defence against the virus until the vaccine became available. “Jab tak dawai nahin, tab tak dheelai nahin (precautions will be required until the vaccine arrives),” he said.
The PM took note of the improving situation and said India had fared far better than countries which were richer in resources. But he made it clear that the government was not ready to hoist the “mission accomplished” banner yet.
He said the death rate in India was 83 for every million citizens, as against 600 for developed countries like the US, Spain, UK and many others. Similarly, 5,500 people out of every million were infected in India, while the corresponding figure for the US and Brazil was 25,000, he added.

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