Do planets affect human behavior


How Planets Position in Kundli can Effect our Life?

Janam Kundali or birth chart is the personalized and detailed horoscope analysis that shares the insights of the personality and life of an individual according to the time and place of his/her birth.

A Janam Kundali also knows as Vedic Astrology / Horoscope details on the planetary positions that were prevailing during the time of the native’s birth.  The placements of planets at different positions have a different impact on the life which induces the question about its significance in the mind.

What is the significance of the planets in Kundli? Can the positions of planets really influence our lives?

Do planets affect human behavior?

In the ten year experience of astrology, the encounter with such questions was common in practice. The only answer I share with people is numerous instances that show the impact of planets and their transition on the daily lives of people.

The concept of astrology varies for each person. For some, it is divine guidance and for others, it is merely a stronghold in the time of distress. But exactly what is it and how do we connect with the celestial bodies? Here, I have tried to share the logic behind the same to give you

How the Planets affect the lives based on science?

Astrology is not a practice that was introduced just some time ago. It is an ancient science that predicts human behavior and future prospectus based on the positions of planets.

None of us is unaware of the fact that the celestial bodies of the solar system have a great influence on the matters of the earth.

Tides in the sea and the growth of the tiniest being on the earth clearly indicate how powerful is the impact of the Moon and the Sun.

The tides on Full Moon and New Moon days affects the hydrosphere and in turn, shows changes in human beings, mostly on an emotional level.

The increased moisture due to solar and lunar energy creates issues in human lives and affects their health conditions.

Like Moon and Sun, each planet in our solar system affects the earth and all the matters on it.

Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and RahuKetu (north node and south node), the pseudo-planets mentioned in Kundli, somehow affects the behavior and lives as per physics and the theory of energy.  

Out of the various forms of forces, planets and their houses (positions) exhibit a direct influence on us.

The science of quantum physics reveals the truth that everything in the Universe is connected and possess energy.

Whether it’s Kinetic or Potential, it affects every single matter and the way it behaves with its surrounding. They affect the atmosphere and cause changes in human behaviors.

In ancient times, astrologers discovered that there are five fixed visible stars which revolve around the earth in a line called the ecliptic.

This is the same eclipse on which we find the Sun and The Moon traversing. The ancient astrologers divided this ecliptic into the 12 sections that we see as 12 houses in Janam Kundli which are ruled by 12 zodiac signs.

They named each of the sections on the name of the constellations behind these fixed stars and assigned the animal representation according to the specific characteristics describing the energies of the constellation.

When a person is born, the stars and planets are in a specific position. The time of birth and place determines the nature and the effect of the planets in Kundli on the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, behavioral and physical characteristics of the individual.

These are the basis of the distribution of 12 sections in the Junam Kundli. Each section of Janam Kundli is known as houses. The predictions are based on the movement and behavior of planets in these houses.

How Houses and Position of Planets Affect your lives?

The first six houses in Kundli represents the “personal houses” and the last six represents “interpersonal houses”. If we deeply look, we can see the following representation of houses.

How do planets affect human behavior?

  • 1st House– represents beginnings, appearance, initiatives, personality, and Mind.
  • 2nd House– represents Wealth, Speech, throat, family, and the left eye
  • 3rd House– represents Bravery, left ear, brothers, and sisters
  • 4th House– represents Mother, house, comforts, wealth, clothes and cars
  • 5th House– represents brain, child, studies and stomach
  • 6th House– represents diseases, war, sin, fear, insult, court cases, enemies and servants
  • 7th House– represents sexual relationships, business partnerships, marriage, and private organs
  • 8th House– represents death, secrets of heart, deep sciences and injuries
  • 9th House– represents religious nature, foreign travel, luck and visit to holy places
  • 10th House– represents father, workplace, work energy, success, and nature of the career.
  • 11th House– represents income, profits, right ear, and perspective.
  • 12th House– represents losses, foreign houses, bed comforts, final stages of projects and right eye

In the above information, you can see that inclusion of your body, health, personality and different aspects of life represented in the form of houses.

The position of planets shows the upliftment of the energy of that house. As soon as the planets visit another house, they light up the energy of that house and affect the traits of that house.

How Planets Affect Our Life?

In Janam Kundli, each planet emanates specific energy on the humans. Let us see below what are the energies that are ruled by the different planets and how they affect the lives of people according to it.

  • Sun– signifies energy, light, and abundance. It gives success in life and work.
  • Moon– signifies calmness and mood of the person. It affects mood swings and mental strength.
  • Mercury– signifies wisdom, brain, and intelligence. It affects the intellectual capabilities of a person.
  • Mars– signifies action, desires, and energy. It affects the stomach, passion, and aggressiveness.
  • Venus– signifies love and luxury. It affects the comfort and love life of a person.
  • Jupiter– signifies higher conscious and married life. It affects the marital bliss and connection with the spouse.
  • Saturn– signifies justice. It gives the results of our deeds or Karma.
  • Uranus–  signifies change and originality
  • Neptune– signifies dreams and healing capability
  • Pluto– signifies- power and transformation in a person’s life and behavior.  

The movement of planets plays an important role in the intensity of affliction on the lives. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus posses fast movement and shows the day to day life, moods, and behavioral changes. While, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto orbit slow, so they show comparatively slower effects.

Astrologers use this transition of planets to understand the possible actions that you need to focus on your life in order to keep the perfect balance between the different aspects of your lifetime.

Understanding the effects of the planets from Kundli can give the enlightenment to the hidden aspects and help you to achieve the best so far!

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