Different types of Refrigerators for Home

The refrigerator is a critical part of the kitchen of every home. When buying the best refrigerators in India, several individual desire a fridge that serves them well for many years. They seek minimal hassles due to breakdowns, combined with excellent power saving and best cooling for food and drink preservation. The good option of getting the latest model that meets your needs is to evaluate the range of refrigerator and reviews.

These days different types of refrigeration units available in the market for consumers to explore. Below, I discuss some of the more common configurations and review their suitability for particular applications.

Different types of refrigerator based on functionalities and Designs

1. Double Door Refrigerator

If you are the type of shopper who is keen on aesthetics, you may want to consider a double door refrigerator for your home. These units are built in such a way that they are the same depth as the typical kitchen’s cabinetry. Usually, two feet, although sometimes a little more.

Since they don’t stick out past the rest of the kitchens accouterments they don’t break up the lines of your kitchen. Many people find this arrangement more pleasing to the eye than the form of deeper fridge freezers.

These models are usually rather expensive and some times only available in the premium retail showroom of manufacturer’s product line. Their limited depth has the unfortunate effect of reducing the total volume of the units. Thus, the chief drawback of these models is that their capacity is often rather limited for the price.

Some of the better counter-depth refrigerator models can be found in the extensive GE Monogram refrigerator range. Kenmore and Frigidaire may be better options if you want this style on a budget, however.

2. Freezerless refrigerators

If you have no need for a freezer, then the purchase of a freezer-less refrigerator is a great choice. More commonly found in commercial settings than residential, they are a nevertheless ideal appliance for in-home use. Big families, in particular, may find the large capacity of these units appealing.

I may also suggest one of these units if you already have ample freezer space, but are short on refrigerated volume. Naturally, you will need a fair amount of floor space if you are going to have multiple chilling devices in your home; but apart from that consideration, they are well worth owning.

LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool refrigerators all produce highly regarded Freezerless refrigerators, but for most of them are pretty positive – a simple refrigerator without a freezer unit has a lot less complex parts and is thus less likely to suffer a breakdown than other options.

3. Bottom Door refrigerators

Used mainly in kitchens with limited space, an under-counter refrigerator is installed in a similar manner to a home’s dishwashers. They are sized to slide conveniently beneath a kitchen countertop – offering a convenient cold storage niche convenient to your food preparation area.

Bottom Door Refrigerators are generally used in the European continent because that helps them to store other food items in an effective way. It is important for every user to consider her or his necessity because it helps in figuring out the best refrigerators in India.


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