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Demon’s Souls is the only next-gen launch game that gives me console envy


I know there are wolves down the hallway, but I can’t see them. I know they’re there because they killed me, last time, costing me a couple thousand souls I would’ve loved to use to level up my fresh Demon’s Souls wizard. There’s a whole pack of them, but all I can see down the hallway is a flickering torch on the wall carving out a small patch of light in the darkness. I could cheat by turning the brightness on my TV up, but Demon’s Souls looks too good for me to stoop to that trick. Dreading what I can’t see beyond the torchlight is a big part of the fun in the PS5’s outrageously pretty remake.

I reviewed the PlayStation 5 from the perspective of a PC gamer last week, and we also reviewed the Xbox Series X, which currently doesn’t have much to offer PC gamers that you can’t already get on PC. The PlayStation 5’s controller delivers on the hype, and with the SSD, it is very fast to load and resume games. But the real draw of any Sony console is its exclusive games, and that means Dark Souls. After playing the console launch games, Demon’s Souls is the only one that I feel like PC players are really missing out on.

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